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Archiving in farmerswife - quick steps to optimise your DB!

Archiving in farmerswife can/should be used for Closed and/or Invoiced Projects, completed Tasks and Done Media Orders. The archived information is extracted from farmerswife proprietary database 'current45.efdb' and stored in separate files within the 'archives' folder. By doing so, the size of the database is reduced and unused data from the past removed from the 'system' folder, thus improving performance of the whole system.


Projects and Media Orders can be archived from within the farmerswife Client application. 

Only Projects, for which all Timereports have been completed and all Work Orders and Media Orders are Done should be closed and archived. The Archiving function will archive Bookings, Extras, Work Orders and Virtual Bookings within a Project. 

However, Project related Media Orders are not archived along with the Project and need to be archived separately.

Once a Project or Media Order has been archived its status changes from Closed, Done/ Invoiced to Archived. The Users will always be able to easily find and restore closed and archived Projects, Tasks and Media Orders, in order to reuse and review the stored data.

Archived Bookings, Media Orders and Tasks are not shown in the timeline and do not contribute information to the Financial Reports Designer. Therefore, it is recommended to archive only old Projects from the previous year, depending on each workflow.

To identify which projects can be closed you can use some of the available filters in the Advanced Project Search.

  • If you are closing and invoicing your projects you can search your closed projects as a first step.

  • Filter your done/invoiced media orders to be able to archive them

  • If you are not sure which projects can be closed you can easily identify some of your old projects with new feature implemented in 6.5 by searching the projects "without bookings after date".

  • You can also edit the view in the Advanced Project Search and filter your projects by their size. Click on the menu in the left corner and add "Project DB Size" to the view. This way you can see which of your projects are the biggest/smallest and try to archive the biggest one in the first place. 

  • Remember that you can batch close and batch archive your projects!


Completed Tasks have to be archived from within the farmerswife Server application in the Server Setup under the Bookings tab.


All your deleted Bookings and Binders are stored within the "Deleted Bookings And Binders" tab in your Toolbox. It is strongly recommended that when this list becomes too big and contains old bookings that will never be restored, it should be emptied. 

First step can be, to use the "Open As Spreadsheet" icon in the bottom right corner of the "Deleted Bookings And Binders" tab as a backup if needed for later reference.

We also recommend that you sort all Bookings by the "Deleted Date" column, and then keep the last 4 to 6 weeks. Then "shift" select the older ones, right mouse click and use "Delete (amount-of-your-selected-deleted-Bookings).


Other operations in fw Client Toolbox > Deleted Bookings And Binders > right mouse click > are

"Delete All" or "Delete All Bookings Belonging To Me".

You need the corresponding user Permission to be able to perform this operation.


You can also archive your Purchase Orders (POs) and Incoming Invoices (IIs):

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