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Restoring Archived Projects

From time to time you may need to consult Project history belonging to an archived Project. farmerswife makes this task simple by allowing you to restore projects individually and to easily re-archive them again once you are done consulting the needed information.

To restore a Project go either to Toolbox > Projects tab or to Advanced Project Search in the top Navigation bar.

Filter by Archived and search for either the project title or number. When double clicking on the Project you will be asked if you want to Restore From Archive. Choose Yes and the Project will open. Once you click OK on the Project window to close the window, you will be prompted wether to re-archive it.

If the archive files were missing (e.g due to a server crash, moving the installation from one machine to another etc.), when restoring a Project you will get a message that the archive is missing and the Project cannot be restored.

It is also possible to select multiple Projects by holding Ctrl (PC) or Cmd (Mac) and clicking on the Projects that need to be restored. Open the drop-down menu and select Restore Archived Projects (Selection:X).

After you have accessed the needed information and you close each of the Projects windows, you will be prompted if you want to archive it again. Choose Yes. If you choose No, the Project will be kept under Closed/Invoiced status.

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