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Archiving Closed Projects from Toolbox

Click on the Projects tab in the Toolbox and choose to show all your Closed Projects in the selector bar at the bottom.

You can highlight the Closed Projects you need to archive and then click the drop-down menu icon at the top left corner of the Toolbox window and select Archive Closed Projects (Selection: X). Only those Projects will be archived.

Alternatively, you can select the Archive Closed Projects option without searching on Closed Projects nor selecting any Project.farmerswife will then ask if you want to archive Only Invoiced Projects. Select Yes, if only invoiced Projects are to be archived; or No, if only Closed not Invoiced Projects should be archived. 

In the next step, you can choose a date. This date refers to the Closed Time Stamp, that is the date the Project was closed (displays in the bottom right corner of the Project window).
If you selected to choose to date, a calendar will appear for you to choose up to which date you wish to archive the Projects. The selected day will be outlined in red on the calendar.

The next window will display all Closed/Invoiced Projects up to the selected date, and you will be able to decide which ones to select.

You can deselect a Project by dragging it from the right window in the left window. If you click on the little arrows in the center you will be able to move the entire Project list from one side to the other. This could be very useful if you have a very long list and you only want to select a few. You could then move them all to the 'Not Selected' list and choose the few that you want to move to the 'Selected' window.

As you click OK, the selected Projects will be archived, and a window will show how many were archived.

If you select No in the Choose To Date window, then you are presented directly with the above mentioned window with all Closed/Invoiced Projects up to the current date, for you to decide which ones to archive.

The Status of the archived Projects is now Archived, and can be found when selecting that Status in the Toolbox.

A Project that has been closed and archived but not invoiced will not appear in the Invoice Creator. Once a Project that has been restored it will appear in the Invoice Creator again and can be invoiced from there and later archived again.

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