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Project Bookings

To create a Booking that is associated with a Project select either Projects, Recent or Projects (Client) from the menu.

The booked Objects in these Bookings will have Rates and it will generate a Time Report (if Toolbox Setting > Booking Defaults > Use Time Reporting is enabled).

Projects will offer the list of Projects by Project Name and Projects (Client) will offer the list of Projects by Client.

If the Toolbox > Settings > Booking Defaults > Auto Popup Booking Window On New Booking is ticked the Booking window will now appear.

The Booking window has two main sections; the Booking’s Name, Note, Invoice Note and any applicable Custom Fields(A) at the top and the Booking History(B) at the bottom.

The bottom section can be split in two to display the Involved Object(C) to the right of the Booking History. To see the Involved Objects the following setting must be enabled: Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup > Show Involved Objects In Booking Window.

From the Booking window it is also possible to access the Booking menu(D). See the Project that the Booking belongs to(E), see the Booking Number(F) and Binder name(G). Other options are to Set a Fixed Price on the Booking(H). Select (I) to include all time reported Extras in the Fixed Price. Change the Global status of a Booking (J), Change the Checkpoint status (K), see who created the Booking and who last modified it(L). Change the Invoice Flag if enabled(M), create Reports (N) and open the Project or Timereport window(O).

In the Edit Booking window, at the top of the 'Involved' list, there is now a new 'star' icon. Clicking it will open an Object selector dialog where you can select one or more Objects that will be added to the Booking.

Predefined Services

If a standard fee applies on a specific Booking type, you can add it as a Pre-Defined Service to the Booking itself.

Sorting in Involved Window

If the option in Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup > 'Show Involved Objects In Booking Window' is enabled, it is possible to change the order of the Objects within the 'Involved:' section of the Edit Booking window by using drag and drop. Any Accessories booked with an Object will be moved with the parent Object.

After sorting, hit APPLY to commit the new sorting to server.

In the From Details section of the Report under 'First Person In Booking' or 'First Room In Booking' the new sorting can be displayed.

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