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Option Bookings

Option Bookings allow setting Preliminary Bookings in a priority list, where each Preliminary Booking gets numbered according to the order it has been booked.

This feature is great for a workflow where clients request to “Pencil hold” time in the schedule, rather than confirming straight away. For example 1st Pencil, 2nd Pencil, 3rd Pencil etc. It makes it clear visually on the timeline what is confirmed and “pencil” and does not require setting up several statuses to be selected and sorted manually at the time of booking.

Use Option Bookings and Option Booking Colours

To start using Option Bookings go to Server Setup and under Bookings tab activate Use Option Bookings. Next configure the colours for the different Option Bookings by clicking on the green plus icon next to Option Booking Colours. You can add as many options as you need. If e.g. you configure only 3 and a fourth Option Booking is eventually added, it will still be drawn with number 4 and will take the color of Option 3.

Draw All Preliminary Bookings As Option Bookings

Also enable Draw All Preliminary Bookings As Option Bookings if you prefer all Option Bookings to be drawn narrow.

If enabled, when booking in Preliminary Status, Option Bookings will be drawn as a thin rectangle with the Option number next to the name:

When one of the Option Bookings is changed to Confirmed Status, the remaining Option Booking will get number 1 and the corresponding color:

But if Draw All Preliminary Bookings As Option Bookings is disabled, the Preliminary Booking that is nr 1 in the list will be drawn as a big rectangle with the default Preliminary Status color:

Only when there is a Confirmed Booking overlapping it, the Preliminary Booking will be drawn narrow with the color of the first Option Booking and will display nr 1 in front of the name:

But if the overlapping Booking is another Preliminary (Option) Booking, it will still be displayed big and with the Preliminary Status color. The overlapping Option Booking will display nr 2 and will be drawn narrow:

Force Bookings Last When Changing Time

The "waiting list" is by default "first come, first serve", but if Force Bookings Last When Changing Time setting is enabled and any of the operations below are performed on an Option Booking it will be put last in the waiting list:

  • When the time of the Booking is adjusted, it will be put last in the list but only on the affected day/days.
  • When Objects are added to the Booking. It will be last in the list on all days for that Object only.
  • Objects are "replaced with available class members". It will be last in the list on all days.
  • NOTE: We recommend to not use this option, unless all of the behaviours explained above comply with your needs.

Allow Changing Order of Option Bookings

If enabled, you can drag&drop Option Bookings to change their order. When mousing over an Option Booking, the white icon that allows drag&drop gets activated on the right side. Click on it to drag the Booking to the new position:

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