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Is there a quick way to update all rates on an existing project with the current rates, besides going line for line?

If you need to update rates on an existing project, the quickest way is to use Rate Cards.

  • Open the project, click on the eye menu and select Rate Card.

  • Give it a name and start updating prices. You can add object classes and activities or specific objects (also services, expenses and materials). If you build your rate card with Object Classes (or Object Classes with Activities), new prices are going to apply to all Objects booked with that Object Class. If you however add specific object, it's only going to affect its price (and not anything else).

  • When your rate card is ready you can either press OK or Force Apply.

If you force apply the rate card, the rates will update backwards. You will be prompted "Do You Want To Reset The Rates Of Objects Not Included In The Rate Card?". Select Yes if you want those Objects not included in the rate card to be reset to their original price if their price had been manually modified. Select No to keep any manual change on the rates of those Objects.

  • If you just save the rate card, the prices from the rate card will apply to all newly created bookings.
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