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Remove divisions from license

Before removing the divisions option from the license first we need to set them inactive and then we can generate a new license. We should follow the below steps:

  • In Toolbox > Projects and Objects > Go to Display > and un-tick Divisions otherwise once it's not licensed anymore the Column will remain with ? in other than main Division.

  • For invoices add a CF called Division > And set the Division on the Invoice CF.

What happens after the Divisions option is removed from license:

  • All Object and Clients allocated on a different Division than on the main one will be reallocated to the main Division (Which is the first one in list placed on server setup > General Tab).
  • Existing Projects/ MOs belonging to other than the main Division will be reallocated to the main Division.
  • Invoices 'loose' the Division Invoice information > recommended to create an Invoice Custom Field called Division to add the Information. You might end up with double invoice numbers, e.g.  1,2,3,4,5  (Division  1) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (from  now 'hidden'/ non-existing Division 2).
  • Even if you set the Division to 'Inactive' before you remove the DIVISIONS option from the license, all Divisions other than the first in the list show with "?" in Toolbox > Projects/ Objects > Division column.
  • You can't report/ group by Division anymore in Financial Report.
  • In the Projects windows you cannot search by Division anymore.

Set Divisions to Inactive  

Since 6.2. It was implemented "Set Division as Not Active", if we set this up when the Divisions option is still licensed, the Divisions can be sorted.

When a division is set to Inactive:

  • All Object and Clients allocated to it will be reallocated to "Any Division".
  • Projects and Invoices keep the inactive Division information until it's manually changed.
  • Existing Projects/ MOs belonging to an inactive Division cannot be:
    • Closed.
    • Set as Invoiced.
    • Invoiced in the Invoice Creator.
  • Existing Invoices belonging to an inactive Division cannot be credited.
  • The inactive Division is still available in all Searches.
  • New elements (Projects, POS, Incoming Invoices, Media Orders, Objects, Contacts) cannot be created for an Inactive Division.

Delete Divisions

Deleting Divisions it's not recommended at all because all the invoices and projects that belonged to the removed division will get a question mark (?).  
The consequence is that you will not be able to search by this division anymore, and therefore this could affect your reporting.
Also the Objects that belonged to the removed division, will lose the division link on the Projects where they were involved and will be automatically assigned to the next division on the list. This will be very bad for reporting as well.

An alternative that will not have negative consequences is to add e.g. OLD to the name of the division. E.g.  '93
Division A (old) vs '94.  Everything that belonged to '93 Division A (old) '94 still does and nothing gets removed.

If this division is the first in the list, when new Projects, PO '92s etc are created this division is still the default option, and this is something that currently is not possible to change either.

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