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Web View Limits - be able to hide Projects from the Web and iOS

This new feature Web View Limits has been developed to allow schedulers to schedule a Project with it's internal and external Resources without showing up in the Web Client, Mobile Web Client and iOS for those Users or Resources until they have finished the whole planning. The Bookings of Projects that have a Web View Limit set won't be shown in the Web Client, Mobile Web Client or iOS app, nor will any Booking trigger any Notification to the involved Users/ Resources. However, the Users could go to the Projects Category in the Web and iOS and see the name of the Project and the Project details, which are the Custom Fields.

The default Status of the Web View Limits on each Projects is set to "Allow Web Viewing". The corresponding checkbox in the Project Edit Window > Eye menu > Web View Limits window is check marked.

How to use
After creating the Project go to the Edit Projects window > Eye menu > Web View Limits > Allow Web Viewing: Ticked (default)/ Un-ticked. 

Set it to No (Unticked) if Web Users shouldn't see this Project and received any Notification from farmerswife.
If ticked, the Project is visible in the Web Client, Mobile Web Client and iOS and Notification will be sent if they are setup.

Use the In Date and Out Date to allow the Users/ Resources to only allow to view a specific time range of the Project.

  • In Date: Use the calendar icon to set the start date of the time range for information about this Project to be viewable.
  • Out Date: Use the calendar icon to set the end date of the time range for information about this Project to be no longer viewable.

Filter By Web User (legacy option)
A list of involved Users is shown and they can be selected for to be filtered In. Selected Users will see the Project details and the Events for all of the involved Objects in the Project. If no Users are selected, all will get access.

Filter Objects
Tick the checkbox and all involved Users/ Resources will appear in a drop down list. If ticked, those Users will be able to see their Bookings on that Project in the given time (depending whether there is a date restriction from the In and Out time). They will not see any other Users/ Resources Bookings if for those Users/ Resources no access have been given via the Filter Objects option.

Example: If Jo and Peter work on the same Booking, but only Jo has Filter Objects access permission set, then Jo won't know that Peter is with him on the same Booking, until Peter also gets access to the Project.

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