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Create a Project and Contact via iOS app

To create Projects and at the same time Add new Contacts via the iOS App the User needs to have Permissions to Edit Projects and Contacts. 

In the Web Profile Manager make sure the following boxes are checked: 

  • iOS App 
  • Projects > Show > select the what Projects the User can have access to: a) All, b) In Division, c) Has relation to 
  • Projects > Allow Editing Project > Always
  • Contacts > Show > Always
  • Contacts > Allow Editing Contacts > Always

To create Project via IOS do the following:

  • Select the Projects view. To create a new Project click on the ‘+’ icon
  • Add Project information, for Name and Contact click in the area or on the Pen icon as indicated in thepicture.
  • Add the Client Contact from the list or create a New Contact by clicking on the ‘+’ icon.
  • In New Contact Window fill in the details of the Client. Add Contact Company name, either from the existing Companies or add the New Company name
  • Select Contact Type CLIENT
  • Contact Created – click Done
  • Click Contacts to get back to Contact Database
  • In Contacts click Cancel – Brings you back to the Project
  • In Project add the newly created Contact
  • Select Contact
  • Contact added to Project. To find the Project Custom fields, click on the box with "…" When project information added click Done to save.

Please watch the short video and follow the steps described above:

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