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Show Time Reported Time in Web and iOS

From farmerswife version 6.1 it is possible to show the Time Reported Time in the Web / Mobile Web Client and in the iOS client which applies to all users. 

From 6.2 an additional setting makes it possible to restrict the User to only see own time reported time, and only booked time for other users. In Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup section “Web Share Settings” enable the settings: 

- Show Time Reported Time As Event Time For All Objects, If Reported”. 

- Show Time Reported Time As Event Time Only For Own User, If Reported.

The following example will show what User Lisa sees when logging in to Web Client, Mobile Web Client and iOS. The Users viewed will be Lisa and Steven. The basis is the following shown in the below User Report.

When Lisa logs in to the Web / Mobile Web Client and the iOS she will see her Time Reported time but for Steven the Time Reported time will show same time as Booked Time.

Web Client

Not Time Reported:

Time Reported

Mobile Web Client Application


Not Time Reported

Time Reported:

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