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Freelancer Invoice payment tracking workflow at Booking level


This new setting has to be turned on in the farmerswife Server > Bookings tab > User Invoice Received Status On Booking Objects.

Set two colours in the Toolbox > settings tab > Display > Booking Object Invoice Received Status: Under Review and Yes. This Booking Object Invoice Received Status color will overwrite all other colors (Preliminary, Planning, etc.).


This feature was developed to be able to match incoming Invoices that Resources send to you to their corresponding Bookings. This way  you get an overview, which jobs they already invoiced to you and which have to be revised still. Most importantly it was needed to block Bookings that you already received an invoice for, so they won't be able to be changed in anyway. 

You will be able to mark all corresponding Bookings of a Resource and change the Status of that Booking for that Resource to either Invoice Received: Yes, Under Review. The Status No is the default Status. 

By doing this it allows you to go through your received invoices and match your Bookings to the Resources invoice. The Booking will change color indicating visually whether a Bookings hasn't been invoiced yet by the freelancer (No), whether you have to review it (Under Review) or wether you have received the Invoice for this job (Yes) and all is correct.

This feature can also be used for pure Objects if necessary, however it was originally designed to be able to mark the individual Bookings of a freelancer and mark them either

a) No

b) Under Review or

c) Invoiced Received: Yes.


With this new Status on Booking Object level a few behaviours will be executed.  If the Invoice Received Status is set to: 

a) No - Nothing happens

b) Under Review - Nothing happens but the colour of the Booking changes according to the Toolbox Setting

c) Yes - Booking Colour changes according to the Toolbox Setting and the Booking will be blocked. 

You can undo any Status changes at individual Booking level.

Status Invoiced Received = Yes blocking behaviour: 

  • The Freelancer can't be deleted
  • The Booking can't be deleted
  • The time of the Booking or of the Freelancer can't be changed
  • The Freelancers can't be moved, swapped or replaced
  • The Freelancers Note, Custom Field on Booking level or User Pending Approval Status can't be changed
  • If the Booking is a Framework Bookings with more than 1 User/ Resources in it, the Framework Booking can't be deleted, however the other members of that Framework Booking can be changed.

Status Invoiced Received = Under Review

The Freelancer can be moved or swapped, however the Invoice Received Status will jump back to the default Status

If the Booking is saved in the Booking templates already set Invoice Received Status will fall back on the default Status = No.


Framework Bookings: 

In the Project Tree click on the individual Framework Booking > right mouse click > Booking Object (Frame Worked) > Invoice Received and set a status.

Class Bookings: 

Click on the Resource icon > Invoice Received

Multi-Select Mode option in Objects Tree

Click on the Objects tree and tick the option: Start Multi Selecting Bookings For Invoice Received Status Change. A little yellow triangle will indicate that you are in the Multi-Select Mode (MSM). Once you are finished click on the triangle to finish the Multi-Select Mode or choose the option: Done Multi Selecting Bookings For Invoice Received Status Change.

As soon as the Multi-Select Mode is enabled you are able to mark different Bookings for a Freelancer or various Freelancers at the same time. The Bookings will get highlighted with a yellow box around them. Now click on the Objects tree icon again and select one of the appearing options: 

  • Invoice Received Status: No 
  • Invoice Received Status: Under Review
  • Invoice Received Status: Yes

You will be able to multi-select and set Bookings back from Under Review to No or Yes, however you will not be able to set multiple Bookings from Yes to Under Review or No. This was added for security reasons. A change from Yes to any other Invoice Received Status can be achieved by doing it individually.

If in the MSM you by mistake selected a Booking that has the Invoice Received Status set to Yes among all others, no action will be done, even if you change the Invoice Received Status for the other selected Bookings.

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