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Adding and Tracking Supplier Costs Introduction

Purchase Orders (POs) allow forecasting and keeping track of external costs, such as jobs provided by freelancers and machines or services provided by external suppliers.

Each Purchase Order (PO) is related to a supplier or freelancer charging for the services provided, and can contain multiple lines. Each line in the PO can then be linked to one or more lines in a specific Project or different Projects.

Once the supplier sends the invoice for the job, it can be tracked in the Incoming Invoice module and linked to the corresponding Purchase Order.

Both, Super Users and Task Users, can use POs. But only Super Users can authorize POs and manage Incoming Invoices. Before starting to use POs and Incoming Invoices make sure the correct User Permission settings are enabled.

Can Use Purchase Order: Allows User to create POs and link them to lines in Projects. If this User doesn't have the Permission to approve a PO, he won't be able to modify the PO after it has been approved. He still can change some fields inside of the PO after it has been approved, but he can't hit OK to save the changes thus making it impossible to alter an already approved PO.

Can Approve Purchase Orders: As POs are created, they get the status Waiting for Approval. This Permission allows the User to authorize POs in the PO Module.

Can See Incoming Invoices: Allows User to see Incoming Invoices.

Can Edit Incoming Invoices: Allows User to create and manage Incoming Invoices.

Can Approve Incoming Invoices For Projects: If a PO has been assigned to a Project this permission will allow the User who is the owner of this Project (check the Created By line at the bottom of the Project window) to approve the related Incoming Invoices. The Incoming Invoice line will appear in the Toolbox >Todo tab under "For My Projects".

Can Approve Global Incoming Invoices: Allows User to approve Incoming Invoices created from PO’s not assigned to a Project.

Can Approve Incoming Invoice That Exceeds PO: Allows the User to approve Incoming Invoices for Projects or Global Incoming Invoices that exceeds the Purchase Order.

For this setting to work either the setting Can Approve Incoming Invoices For Projects or Can Approve Global Invoices has to be ticked as well.

Can Approve All Incoming Invoices: Allows User to approve Incoming Invoices for Projects, Global Incoming Invoices as well as Incoming Invoices that exceed the PO.

Further Configurations

Go to the farmerswife Server and click on the Setup button. Once in, go to the Financial tab.

Use Counter For PO Numbers: If this setting is set to YES the global PO number counter keeps incrementing by one number every time a new PO is created. When creating a PO, if Cancel is hit before saving it, this number is lost and the next PO will take the next number.  If set to NO the counter increments by one as well, but if a PO is canceled before saving it, the next available number will still be the same.

Use Buy As Sell Rate When Adding Incoming Invoice Lines To Project: Applies when linking Incoming Invoice lines to a Project. If "Yes", the line's sell rate will be the same as the buy. If No, the line's sell rate will be set to 0. In both cases, the sell rate can be later modified in the Project.

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