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Linking a Purchase Order Line

The rules for comparing Activities when linking a PO line with a financial line are as follows:

  • If the PO line does not have any specific Activity defined, the financial line can have any Activity and still link to it.
  • If the financial line does not have any specific Activity, the PO line can have any Activity and still be linked.
  • If both PO line and financial line have Activities, then those Activities must match for a link to be possible.

A PO line needs to be set to 'Approved' to be able to link it with a financial line.  Once the Object is booked or used, it can be linked to the PO line.

This can be done through the Edit Project window, Edit Booking window, Hourline or Long Form, by clicking on the Object icon and selecting 'Outgoing Purchase Order’.  The PO lines for this Object (according to the booked Activity) will be listed in a side menu.

The Buy Rate for that line will show in yellow or red.

- Yellow, when the Hours/Days/Units quantity of the PO are linked with the exact same quantity in the Booking.

- Red, if the linked quantity has been exceeded or there are still some Hours/Days/Units to be linked.

A mouse-over the Buy Rate displays some information for the linked PO line and clicking on the Buy Rate, the PO opens.

PO lines can also be linked with Services, Material and Extras, and even with External Objects added to the Edit Project window:

In the case of Work Order lines, the linking is done from within the Work Order on the corresponding line:

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