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Integration to 3rd Party Software

We have four types of accomplished system integration with farmerswife (fw). 

In addition, the integration types are split into “available by default and free of charge”, “additionally charged option” and “custom paid 3rd party integration”.

Direct Integration

Available by default and free of charge; requires configuration:

  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory (since fw v6.3, user creation, authentication and management, supports "nested groups" (groups within groups), "User Groups" respect list order to differentiate Permission levels)

  • Microsoft Active Directory (since fw v5.0, user creation, authentication and management)

  • WebCal protocol based user’s Event subscription, permission driven and WIFE user authentication required, can be used e.g. with programs like Outlook, iCal, Lightning for Thunderbird which supports subscribing to calendars via WebCal/.ics.

  • MS Exchange (since fw v4.11, integration to MS Exchange 2007 and 2010 to update fw users own events from farmerswife to each users own Exchange calendar; permission driven).

  • MS Outlook (legacy Sync Module, per user manual sync of Events, Todos and Contacts; permission driven)

  • iCal/Calendar app (Sync Module, per user manual sync of Events, Todos; permission driven)

  • Address book/Contacts app (legacy Sync Module per user manual sync of Contacts; permission driven)

  • Weekchart Export (Windows only (through COM) and MS Excel only) of the Hourline.

    Work in progress, requires configuration and might require paid adaptation:

  • OpenID (since fw v6.5 Beta, user creation <= excluded for v1, “SSO” with 2-factor-authentication support)
  • AppleConnect (since fw v6.5 Beta)

Available by request to get licensed and free of charge (might require paid adaption):

  • LDAP-Active Directory (LDAP-AD) (since fw v4.8, authentication and control of users)

Additionally charged option (might require paid adaption):

  • fw Play - allows users to easily encode, share and collaborate on dailies and masters while keeping the raw
    high quality media material stored securely at the Post House. Contains integration with ffmpeg, Episode from Telestream (Episode End of Support: January 31, 2018) and AWS Elastic Cloud Transcoding.

Custom purchased 3rd party integration:

  • Navision Financial (Microsoft Business Solutions), very customised integration only to Personnel data.

In-Direct Integration

Interface through an internal/non public "API" (Application Programming Interface) used as a script/plug-in engine.This is a one way trigger on creating/modifying/deleting of Contacts, Projects, Invoices, Purchase Orders and IncomingInvoices. The result is a script export from WIFE to the other system.

Available by default and free of charge:

  • Open As Spreadsheet” - export of data as .CSV files from all so called “column” widgets (i.e. parts in WIFE which look like a spread sheet) and from the Print Designers)

  • XML export from Media - export of meta data of Entries on Media level, (e.g. used by legacy Leporello (to AdStream)).

  • Hourline XML Export (since fw v5.0, Server-side functionality to Export “Hourline” based event data in XML format)

Additionally charged options (requires paid adaption or needs to be developed from scratch):

.csv style file export used for these systems:

  • Attache - Invoices and Incoming Invoices script export

  • DATEV - Invoice script export

  • Ekon - Invoice script export

  • MYOB - Invoice script export

  • Navision C5 - Contacts, Projects and Invoice script export, very customized

  • Quickbooks - Invoice script export

  • Sage - Invoice script export

  • Visma - Invoice script export

  • e-conomic - Invoice script export

  • Xero - Invoice script export

  • Oracle - Invoice, Expense Sheets, Budgeting, custom formatted script export, very customized

  • SAP - Invoices and Contacts, custom formatted script export, customised integration

  • Navision/MBS - Importing Contact Clients & exporting Invoices, custom formatted script export, can’t be re-used

WIFE's MySQL data interface to our proprietary database

The farmerswife system runs on our own proprietary databases (current45.efdb) and multiple SQLlite helper databases fwdb.db3, histories.db3, despatches.db3 and play.db3).
The Server application also has a MySQL data interface option (MySQL v5.1 on Windows and Mac and 5.0 on Linux were the typically used versions). This can be used to extract information from farmerswife to integrate with other systems.

Projects completed that we know about:

  • Customers have built web interfaces

  • Customers have built their own Budgeting

  • Customers have built their own SAP integration

  • Customers have built their own naming convention tool and files-folder based 3D and Post work flow web interface

See more information here: MySQL optional data interface settings

fw REST API to our proprietary database (since fw v6.3):

Available by request to get licensed and free of charge:

  • Customer built Web interfaces
  • Customer built 3rd party integrations

See more information here: farmerswife Rest API

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