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MySQL optional data interface settings

The farmerswife Server application can create an assortment of typically used data within MySQL 5.1.73 (or later), as an interface to the data stored within WIFE’s own proprietary database (current45.efdb) and it's SQLite helper databases (*.db3).

To properly use it contact farmerswife Support and be prepared to first build and test your integration in a separate test environment, as well as reading all details in the separate "MySQL_Info_README.pdf" manual to download below.

To enable the "MySQL data interface on a running fw Server application go to: fw Server app > Setup button > General tab > "Use MySQL" section with these settings: 

  • Use MySQL

Select Yes to enable this feature.

  • Select Tables

Click here to select which Tables will be populated with data. 

NOTE: After the first Full Dump, note that the legacy "Bookings" tables will NOT contain any data. Booking information will be populated within the "cbs" (= Class Booking Structure) tables.

  • SQL Mode > "Unidirectional", "Bidirectional" and "Full Dump Only"

By default "Unidirectional" is pre-set. 

IMPORTANT: By enabling and using "Bidirectional" mode, this can result in database corruption. Only use if properly tested beforehand!


This has the same behaviour as the previous default "realtime constant one way only" connection with the previous "Bidirectional" set to "No".


This has the same behaviour as the previous default "realtime constant one way only" connection with the previous "Bidirectional" set to "Yes".

"Full Dump Only": 

This is the new mode! When this mode is selected, farmerswife avoids querying the 3rd party "MySQL server" until the "nightly Forced Shutdown" takes place. Just before the shutdown the software performs a full dump to the database.

"Full Dump Only" + "Forced Shutdown":

In fw Server > Setup > General > Force Shutdown > new "Weekdays" options.

By default all 7 weekdays are checked, for a "Nightly Forced Shutdown" take place every night, as it was before.

  • Use UTF-8 Encoding

Set this to Yes when data in WIFE is entered in a different language than English; e.g. if you depend on having non-standard characters (e.g. å, ä, æ, etc.) to be correctly displayed in the SQL-dump result. Using this feature will slowdown a FULL dump.

  • User Name

Enter here the user name to be used by the WIFE Server to authenticate with your MySQL Server. This user requires read, write and create database permission in MySQL.

  • Password

Enter the password of the above mentioned WIFE-Server-SQL-user.

  • Port

The default value “3306” is the “default SQL Port”; verify if your MySQL Server is set to use the same.

  • Database Name

Enter here the name of the MySQL-database the WIFE Server is to create and/or use in your local MySQL installation.

  • Database Host name/ip

Enter here the “path” to where your MySQL server is hosted. For example if it’s running on the same machine as the WIFE Server you can use the static local IP or the local host IP

Please see attached manuals for more details.

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