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What happens if I delete an Object, User, Room, Extra etc. from the database?

From time to time your business might change, new needs occur and some house keeping could be necessary. Here's some useful information on what happens if you delete an Object from the database or you change the name, rate etc.

Deleted Objects from the Types: Users, Resources, Rooms, Equipment, Object Classes that are added to Bookings will appear in Bookings and Projects as either blank (if Object Class or Activity have been assigned then these will show instead) or with a '?' symbol (if Object was added without Object Class or Activity). In Reports they show with the word 'unknown'.

Below is an example of how an Object (FCPX) looks in the Edit Project Window before it is deleted.

If we were to delete this object, then the booking looks the same, except that we lose the Object name.

This information is also missing (showing blank) in the Edit Booking window:

Any reports that you run on a Project with any deleted Objects will now show the name as 'Unknown'.

Furthermore you will not be able to run a report on any deleted Object individually as they won't be available for selection in the Toolbox or Object Manager anymore.

Deleting an Object Class, will cause the Class information (and booked Class on Objects) to disappear from Bookings and thus also later reports. Classes added to Budgets and in Invoices remain untouched. Deleting an Object Class does not delete any of the member Objects.

Note: From 6.5 onwards you'll be able to set Object Classes = Active = No as well.

Objects added to Budgets will remain un-touched and will also be printed with the original name or the name that it was changed to in the Budget. They also remain in Global Budget Templates. See below the example of Object Class Grading after it was deleted.

Deleted Objects from the Types: Material, Services, Expenses that are added to Booking Time Reports or as Project Extras remain un-touched and still show in reports. 

Renaming an Object 

Renaming an Object also renames it in all past Bookings and Projects. Invoices remain untouched.  If we renamed our 'FCPX' suite, to 'Avid 5', then it will update immediately an appear with its new name in all bookings.  

Reports on old Projects will also show use of 'Avid 5' instead of 'FCPX'.


It is recommended that you deactivate Objects (option "Active: NO" in Modify window) instead of deleting them. If you then need to run a specific report on an inactive Object, for example, you can see and select it by choosing option "Show Inactive" from the drop-down menu in the Toolbox > Objects tab.

Extras do not have the option "Active: NO" in the Modify window (Materials, Services, Expenses, Media Orders) can be removed from the system without having any effect, except for being able to add from this point. They remain in Edit Project window, the Edit Booking window, Budgets, Invoices, Project Work Orders, Media Orders, and appear on Reports.

Note: From 6.5 onwards you'll be able to set Object Classes = Active = No as well.

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