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Where do I find the 'system' folder on Windows Vista, ... ?

In Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, with UAC (User Account Control) enabled, the Farmers WIFE installation folders will be usually located under C:\Users\\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\ if you install Farmers WIFE in C:\Program Files. 

If Farmers WIFE (Server or Client) is installed a different location than Program Files (e.g. to D:\Programs) the folder structure is the same as on previous Windows versions. Further Explanation:
the "Program Files" folder is a protected path, where no application is allowed to write data. All data is stored in the "VirtualStore" path. This was implemented for secutiry reasons and easier sharing of applications between users of the same computer. 

However if an application is run by the "Administrator" user,  it can write to the "Program Files" folder. This can be done in 4 different ways:

- Log in as Administrator (not recommended).

- Right click on the shortcut and select "Run as administrator" (not recommended because, if the next time the Administrator doesn't start the application it'll write in the "VirtualStore" path, meaning two sets of files will be created!)

- Right click on the shortcut, Properties > Shortcut > Advanced > "Run as administrator" (not recommended, because the setting seems to be lost after upgrading and 

- Right click on the application, Properties > Compatibility > "Privilege Level/Run this program as an Administrator" (Recommended).Note: If at the end of the installation process, the option "Launch Farmers WIFE ...." is checked, the application will start without admin privileges, meaning it will write in the "VirtualStore.

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