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Customise Personnel Management Types

The Personnel Management Types (Sick, Vacation, Day in Lieu, Free Day, etc.) are hard-coded in farmerswife, yet they can be modified to comply with company types and language. There are various ways in which this can be done.

Add Custom Personnel Management Type

In this example, a new Custom Type is added in Danish: “Ferie” (Vacation). In the Long Form, click on the Personnel Tree icon and select Custom Type Setup > Edit Personnel Event Types...

Add the new Type Name and, if useful, an optional Reference number. Any color can be selected for the new Type and it can be counted toward days worked by ticking the box under Work.

The new Type will now be displayed at the bottom of the standard Types when making a Personnel Management Booking. The standard Types can also be renamed or hidden (explained in the following sections).

To display the total day count for the new custom Personnel Management Type in the Personnel Tree, go into the Toolbox under the Settings tab > Personnel Tree filter > tick the box next to the new Type under section Display Total For Custom Types. If you do not want to display any of the standard Types, deselect them above.

Mouse over the Booking to show what Type of Personnel Management Booking it is.

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