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Long Form: Personnel Tree

The Personnel Tree gives an overview on your staff’s Personnel and other Bookings and allows you to create User Reports. It can also be used to see the total Vacation, Sick Leave, etc that one person has booked.

Certain user permissions apply in order to be able to access Personnel Tree:

  • Must be Advanced User
  • Super User TBR or TB Permission
  • Edit Personnel Management (can modify types etc.)
  • View Personnel Management

You can display the total number of Personnel Bookings per User in the Personnel Tree.

  • The shapes of the bookings are default and cannot be changed.
  • You can configure the Personnel Type Colours in the Toolbox > Settings > Personnel Tree. Click the colour choose a colour for each type of Personnel Booking.
  • Configure which Totals you want to see in the Personnel Tree by ticking the box next to the colour option.

Please refer to the Toolbox settings article for further details on the Personnel Tree settings.

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