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Hide Personnel Management types in the pop-up menu

The default Personnel Management Types are hard-coded, which means that there is no way to erase them from the software. 
However, there is a way in which we can hide them from certain Users, for this we need to access the farmerswife root installation folder and locate the file"template.wps". The template.wps is applied per User in the Permissions Profile.

Default Personnel Management types are: Sick, Vacation, Shift, Unavailable, etc. If one is not needed or should not be available for a User, follow the steps below to hide it.

Configure the template.wps file
1. Go to the farmerswife server root installation folder (right click on your mouse and select "Show Package Contains") open the Contents folder and then the Lib folder. 
2. Find the template.wps file, copy it and save it to another location on the computer, outside of the farmerswife installation folder. Select a folder that won't be forgotten if there is a Server migration or an upgrade on a MAc.
3. Open the copied template.wps file (with a text editor) and find the Personnel section. For the Types to be hidden, change the value from 1 to 0 (zero). This options will be erased in the Personnel pop up window.

Set Force Popup Settings From File in the User’s profile
To apply the new template to a User(s), it is necessary to access the User Permission Profile via the farmerswife Server. Make sure that all the Users are logged out and open the Server.
Click on setup and access the Users tab. Select the User that you want to remove the Personnel management types from, and double click to open the settings. On the right of the window you will see "Permission Profile" open the drop down menu located on the right and select "Edit".

A new popup window will appear, scroll down to the "Force Popup Settings From File" button. Click on the bar and navigate to the folder where you saved the edited template.wps. Close the User permission profile and say Yes to the changes. Decide whether to apply it to all Users using the same Permission Profile or not.

Back in the farmerswife Client application we will see that "Shifts" and "FreeDay" are hidden from the Personal popup window for the User Peter. 

*Note: The Personnel Management Types are hidden in the Desktop Client only, and remain visible in the Mobile, iOs and Web Clients.

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