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Personnel Management for Resources Workflow

In Farmerswife the Freelancers (Resources) can't have Personnel types assigned to them because the are not Users (they don't have a license). But we might need to know their availability, holidays or sick days for our management and reports. Here is a workflow example of how we can add Personnel types to Resources:

1. We create a project for each Personnel Type that we want to book our freelancers on. E.g. one for Vacation and one for Sick.
We can create a new client named "Internal" or the name of our company and if we have the custom field "Project Type" we can select "Internal".

2. We force our project colour. We can choose blue for holidays and red for sick, like in the Users Personnel Types.

3. In order to don't get the rates involved in the reports we can create an "Object Class" (with the rates set to 0) and include all our freelancers on it. Here we can also set up if we want to classify the Personnel types in days or hours.

4. Now we are ready to book our freelancers in Personnel events, making sure that we select the object Class " Freelancers Management" when we do our bookings.

* At this stage it's important to know what do we want our reports to show, if we want to know the exact days (not the period) that the freelances were unavailable we need to book them per day. Find bellow an example of how to book per day in a fast way:

Make sure you confirm your bookings by clicking in the red square and selecting "Confirmed".

5. When the time comes we can create a Freelancers Vacation report for example. We can extract a report from our project (vacation) and choose as the first group the people involved (object) and as a second group the dates when the events happened.
We can select a time range (an specific month or the whole year) or not. If we don't the report will extract information form the totality of the project duration:

Once in the print designer we can play around with the options to extract the information that is more useful for us.
Bellow you can find two different examples:

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