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Using a Display List from another User

A Display List from another User can be borrowed by selecting: Hourline icon > Options > Use Display Lists From Another User.

When clicking on this item on the menu a window pops up to select which User to copy from. When selected, the saved Display Lists from this User will appear on the list instead of the User's own Display List.

Please note that the Hourline menu also becomes shorter while using someone else’s Display List.

To stop using a Display List from another User go to the Hourline icon > Options > Stop Using Display From: (User name). The viewed Groupings/ Objects will remain in the Hourline, and can subsequently be saved to the Users own list. But the list of copied Views will disappear from the Hourline menu, as the User reverts back to his/ her own list.

Copy from another User

This item on the Hourline > Options menu will permanently replace any existing Display Lists with the Display Lists from another User.

To remove an Object from a Display List you can either drag and drop the Object from the Display List  by clicking (on the name, not the icon) and dragging it into the trash can that appears to the left when the Object is dragged. Or click on the Object icon and select Remove From View.

The Remove From View operation will not delete this Object from the database, it will only be removed from the User’s Display List.

To view only one Object in the Hourline click on the icon of the specific Object and select Solo View from the appearing menu. This operation will remove all other Objects from the Display List.

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