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Print Designer Elements

In the left column of the Print Designer are Elements/Options: all data, text, and images available to select and display in the Report. The column is divided into sections which will vary depending on the type of report being created: Quote, Project report, Media Order report, Invoice, Financial Report, etc. For instance, a Project Report will have these sections available: Project, From Details, Element Row, From Details/Total, Total, Summary, Footer, String Mapping.

To display or hide certain data or text fields click on the checkbox next to the data (D), text (T), or Rectangle element. In addition to the information displayed by default, you are able to add static data or pull further data from Custom Fields into the report. To change the position of an elements value in the Preview pane, either:

  • click the element’s “Edit” button in the Elements/Options column, then edit coordinates
  • in the Preview pane, double click the value’s Anchor (yellow box), then edit coordinates
  • or move manually by clicking and dragging the value by its Anchor

Change the position of more than one value by multi-selecting them in one of the following ways:

  • press the keyboard Ctrl key (Windows) or the Apple/Command key (Mac), and in the Elements/Options column, select each element one by one.
  • in the Preview pane, click and drag a multi-selection rectangle around the elements to be selected
  • combine the above methods to refine your selection

Once multiple elements are selected, move all of them with the mouse or by using the keyboard arrow keys.

Unique to the Project and Invoice Print designers is the Summary section in the Elements/Options column.

This section enables displaying in your report the number of hours/days used per Booking within a Project by ticking the Data fields 'Units' and 'Days'.

D: [Units] data field
This field shows the Working Hours per day of an Object booked. The working hours can be set in Server Setup > General tab. However, depending if the Object is booked with a Day Rate or an Hour Rate the behavior of this D:[Units] field changes.

Day Rate Booking
If an Object is booked with a Day Rate the D:[Units] field shows the number that was set in General tab > Server Setup > Working Hours.

It does not take in count the timereported hours and breaks filled in the timereport sheet.  The first booking from the example below (Final Cut Pro 1) is a one day booking (with Day Rate) with a timereport of 6 hours and a 1 hour break. However, the D:[Units] field shows 10 hours (Working Hours set in server setup > General tab).

This is intended for situations which you have quoted 1 day job of an Object to your client and even if the job is finished in less than one day , you want your client to still see that the time spent was one day.

Hour Rate Booking
If an Object was booked with an Hour Rate, the D:[Units] field show the number of hours timereported for a booking minus the breaks filled in the timereport. In the example, the second booking is a 5 hours booking (9:00-14:00) that was timereported for 4 hours with 1 hour break, so the Units fields for this booking is 3 hours.

D: [Days] data field
This field shows the division between the D:[Units] field and the “Working Hours” set in the Server. In my example, the first booking is 10 Units (1 day booking multiplied by Working Hours set in the Server) so the D: [Days] field results in 1 Day. Furthermore, the second booking D: [Days] field has a figure of 0.3 which is the division between 3 Units by 10 working hours per day.

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