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What is the Media Order module?

The Media Order is a separately licensed module, that works in tandem with the Media Library, providing Users and clients with the ability to compile and create ‘basket based’ Media Orders from Material within the Media Libraries.

Key features:
  • Compile duplication Orders of material in the Media Libraries
  • Track, maintain and manage the status of orders
  • Receive notification on media order status updates
  • Dynamic cost analyses
  • Track costs and stock usage
  • View and print reports including duplication orders

Click on the Media Order icon in the Toolbox to reveal any Media Orders. Select to view either Pending, Done or Invoiced, Archived Media Orders or Media Orders that are still Drafts. Use the search field to retrieve a particular Order.

Get at a quick glance of deadlines as well whether a Media Order is Urgent. Display the Client of the Media Order, see who this Media Order is assigned to, and who the owner is. Do this by editing the Display via the black drop down menu > Display.

Pending Media Orders will also appear in the Calendar view, where they can be easily accessed through a single mouse click. See how to create a new Media Order on how to set a Deadline.

To modify an Order, click on the Order on the list and modify the details as required.

To select various rows at once, click on one row, hold the CTRL-key or cmd-key and select further rows. To select more than one row in a row, click on the first one, hold the SHIFT-key and click on the last row that should be select. Automatically the rows in between get also selected.

Media Orders > Pending

If Pending is selected in the selector bar at the bottom, the drop down arrow provides the following options:

  • New: Create a new Media Order.
  • Save: Highlight a Media Order to be able to save it in the Saved Media Order List. Type in a name.  
  • Saved Media Orders: Load or Remove saved Media Orders.
  • Delete: Highlight the Media Order that should be deleted and choose this option.
  • Financial Report On Selected Media Orders: Opens the Financial Report to create a Financial Report on the selected Media Orders.
  • Display: Select the columns to be displayed in the Media Order Toolbox tab.
  • Remove Column Sorting: If previously the displayed Media Orders were sorted by columns, tick this option to remove the column sorting.
  • Show Only Media Orders Where I Am Involved: Tick this option to only display MediaOrders where the User that is connected is involved in.

Media Orders > Done

  • Move Back To Pending: This option will move back the highlighted Media Order to the Pending Status.

Media Orders > Invoiced 

  • Move Back To Done: Moves the highlighted Media Order back to the Done Status.
  • Archive: Archives the highlighted Media Order. See the Archiving solutions.
  • To restore an archived Media Order, search for it under Archived (in the selector bar at the bottom) and double click on the Media Order. It will then be set back to Done status. From Done status it is also possible to move it back to Pending status.   
  • Archive Invoiced Media Orders: To archive Invoiced Media Orders use this option. Confirm and Reconfirm the archiving. In the next window "Select Latest Date Entry For Selection" select a date up until which the Invoiced Media Orders should be archived. The Archived Media Orders are located under the Archived selector bar in the Toolbox. See the Archiving solutions.

Media Orders > Archived

Media Orders > Draft

Media Orders can be saved with a Draft status. In the New Media Order window, tick the Draft box at the bottom and this Media Order is to be found within the Draft status option in the farmerswife Toolbox solutions. To remove the Draft status and move it to Pending status, simply deselect the Draft box.  

Media Orders > All 

Shows all Media Orders.  

Make sure that the Maximum Hits When Searching is set to No Limit for the search. Toolbox > Settings > Miscellaneous >Maximum Hits When Searching.

Access to Media Orders

To access the Media Order module Users must have the corresponding Media Order permissions enabled in their Permissions Profile:
  • Access: Set to Yes to enable User to access the Media Order module
  • Media Order Rates: Set to Yes to enable User to view and modify rates on Media Orders
  • Can Edit Media Order Reports: Set to Yes to enable User to edit Media Order reports

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