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Archiving Invoiced Media Orders

When a Project-related Media Order is Archived, this new Status will be reflected in the Project.

In Toolbox > Media Orders tab, select Invoiced from the selector widget at the bottom.

Only when selecting one Media Order, you can choose the option Archive from the drop-down menu icon at the top left corner.

Only that Media Order will be archived.

To archive more than one Media Order at once, select the option Archive Invoiced Media Orders.

As the Select Latest Date Entry For Selection window opens, choose up to which completion date you wish to archive Media Orders. The selected day will be outlined in red on the calendar. And as you click OK, only the Media Orders completed up to the selected date will be archived.

They are now located under the Archived Status in Toolbox > Media Orders tab.

Similarly than with Projects, Media Orders can also be archived from the Advanced Project Search in the top Navigation bar.

Restoring Archived Media Orders
Double-click on the Media Order you wish to restore and, when prompted if you want to Restore From Archives, select Yes.
Choosing Yes will restore and open the Media Order window. Once you have checked the needed information and clicked the OK button, a pop-up window will ask if you want to Archive Media Order. Select Yes to archive it again, or select No if you need the Media Order to be kept under Invoiced in Toolbox > Media Orders tab.

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