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Additional Media Order Operations

Select Paste to paste a previously copied Media Order detail. 
Add Object
Select this option to add an Object to a Media Order from the Object Browser.
Set All Status: Done
Select this option to set the status on all pending Media Order lines in that Media Order to Done.
Rate Card
Select this option to create or apply a Rate Card to the Media Order.
Clear Rate Card

Clears the Rate Card.
Show 2nd/3rd currency:

Select to toggle the prices to show the second or third currency prices.

Additional Part Media Order Operations

Modify Part Media Order info
Click anywhere in the gray header field of a Part Media Order to be able to change the price, the Status, or the Quantity as well as the Note and the Custom Fields (if any).
The Status (Not Done, In Progress, Done) and the Quantity can also be changed by using the shift arrow in the gray header, next to Status and Quantity. 
Modify Source / Media Order
Modify the Source selected for a Part Media Order or the Media Order itself, by clicking on the Media Source. The Select Source(s) For Media Order window will open allowing changes.
Move up/down
Move the Part Media Order up and down the list by clicking on the move up/down arrows at the upper left hand corner of each Part Media Order.  
Access Media Source
Get a direct access to the original Media source by clicking on the Media icon beside the Media number.

Click on the black drop down arrow next to the Part Media Order Name to access the following options:
New Media From Source
To create a new Media from the Source selected in this Part Media Order. It opens a window to choose the timecode and to select the Library where it is to be created. And it allows importing the Source Media Custom Fields instead of the Media Order Custom Fields.

To create a Report for the Part Media Order.
To create a Label for the Part Media Order. 
Multi Label Printing
It enables the building of templates with a certain layout using multiple labels from the existing list. See the Media Library manual for more details.
New From
It creates a duplicate of the Part Media Order. It can be useful when more than one Media Order is requested from the same source. As the duplicate is created, click on the source area and as the Select Source for Media Order opens, select another Media Order.
It allows cutting a Part Media Order to paste it in another Media Order.
It allows copying a Part Media Order to paste it in another Media Order.
It removes the Part Media Order. There is not undo.
Add Object
Select this option to add an Object to a Part Media Order from the Object Browser.

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