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Adding Entries To Media Orders

To add a new Entry, click on the basket icon and choose to either:

1) Directly add the type or job/delivery from the Dropdown list.

The example below shows how to add Media Order services directly, without selecting a Media Library source. This is useful when you need to combine many orders within one Media Order for the same source, which details can be added in the Note, or could also be connected with the first Media Order service.

2) Select the source of the Media Order first

Media Library: Select the Library where the tape is to be found.
Media: Once the Media Library is selected, the cursor jumps to the Media field and displays in a drop down available Media in that Library. Select a Media.

The list of available Entries will be presented in the Entries list, along with additional Media details such as Title, Number, Client and Duration.

From the drop down menu, select which information of the Entries should be displayed in the window of the listed Entries. Choose to show the Audio, the ID, the Aspect, or some of the Media custom fields, such as the Producer, the Project Name, the Project Type...

Click on the Add button next to each Entry to select them, or select Add Media (in the drop down arrow) to add the whole media to the Order.
It is not possible to mix whole Medias with individual Entries, a conflict warning will appear.

The selected Entries or Media appear in the selection list below.
To sort selected Entries, click on the Entry and drag it up or down in the list.
To remove an Entry, click on the little checkbox in front of the Entry in the selection list and confirm its removal.
Click on the drop down arrow at the left hand upper corner of the selection window to either:

Clear SelectionRemoves all selected Entries or Media from the list.
Insert Manual EntryIt allows manually entering a Media which is not stored in any of the Media Libraries.
Save To BasketSave the selection to a Basket which can be loaded later to another Media Order.
Load From BasketLoad from a pre-existing Basket.
Delete BasketDelete a Basket that is not being used anymore.
DurTotal time of all Entries selected. The duration of the selection will automatically increase as more Entries are added.
Media OrderSelect the required Media Order type from the available list. Or create a Custom Media Order.
QuantityHit OK and the New Media Order window will open. Confirm or modify the details for the Media Order type as follows:
NameName of selected Media Order type. The name will be set to Custom and will be editable if the Media Order is a Custom Media Order.
IconIcon of the selected Media Order. Editable if the Media Order is a Custom Media Order.
Buy/Sell rateSpecify the buy and sell rate if this is not already setup.
Urgent add on sell rateAllows to add on an additional fee for Media Orders with high priority.
StatusTo later select either Not Done, In Progress or Done by the person who is assigned this Media Order.
The Quantity that has been already selected can be modified here.
NoteAdd any additional notes.

Select OK and the Media Order Entry should be listed in the Media Order window.

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