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What is Media Order module?

The Media Order module works in tandem with the Media Library, providing Users and clients with the ability to compile and create ‘basket based’ Media Orders from Material within the Media Libraries.

When used in conjunction with the Web Client module, the Media Order module becomes a powerful online media browser and request tool allowing clients to compile requests online.

Key features:
  • Compile duplication Orders of material in the Media Libraries
  • Track, maintain and manage the status of orders
  • Dynamic cost analyses
  • Track costs and stock usage
  • View and print reports including duplication orders

Click on the Media Order icon in the Toolbox to reveal any Media Orders. Select to view either Pending, Done or Invoiced, Archived Media Orders or Media Orders that are still Drafts. Use the blue search field to retrieve a particular Order.

In the Toolbox window, get at a quick glance of deadlines as well whether a Media Order is Urgent. Display the Client of the Media Order, see who this Media Order is assigned to, and who  the owner is. Do this by editing the Display via the black drop down menu > Display.

Pending Media Orders will also appear in the Calendar view, where they can be easily accessed through a single mouse click. See chapter Creating a new Media Order on how to set a Deadline.

To modify an Order, click on the Order on the list and modify the details as required.
Refer to the Farmers WIFE Server Set Up manual for setting up Media Orders.
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