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Web Visibility - block or allow Web Users to see certain Project Bookings

The former Web View Limits, renamed to Web Visibility (WV), have undergone a rewrite in version 6.5. This is how the new "Web Visibility" works. 

To be able to use the Web Visibility you need to enable it in Toolbox > Settings tab > Server Setup > Use Web Visibility Settings For Projects. 

The Web Visibility can be accessed via the Edit Project window > Eye Menu > Web Visibility or via a shortcut in the Projects Tree > click on the Project icon > Web Visibility.

This window  consists of the option to "Allow Project Web Visibility (by default enabled), The In and Out Date, the Filter By Users/Resources and Filter by Binders. 

Allow Project Web Visibility

This is by default enabled and will allow any communication of the Project's Booking in the Web or iOS and via the Schedule Changes Emails. By communication is meant that any User can see this Project's Bookings in the iOS or Web or will receive a Schedule Changes Email.


In Date/Out Date

Set a date to indicate the start and end date of the communication (see above) of any Project Booking. Allow Project Web Visibility must be enabled. 

If the Date is set from the 01.07 to the 30.07 only Project Bookings that are on those and between those days are communicated. Any Booking after the 30.07, for example on 02.08 won't show up and won't be communicated.


Filter By Users/Resources

When ticked you can set Users and Resources so that their Bookings get communicated. When the check box is ticked a list of all Users and Resources will be displayed, sorted alphabetically. 

If you tick a User e.g. Lisa then only Lisa's Booking are communicated. The Allow Project Web Visibility setting must be activated.

Filter By Binders

Once ticked, a list of all Binders that belong to the Project will show up in the order that they are added to the Project Tree. To the very right of each Binder name, you will see the Binder's start date. Sub Binders will show below their Main Binder. If you sort the Binders manually the sorting in this window will follow. A Binder will only show if at least one Object was allocated to it so a Booking exists for this Binder. 

The Users/Resources below each Binder will be listed alphabetically. 

If you tick one Binder, all Users/Resources involved will be ticked as well and communicated. You can un-tick manually certain Users/Resources. Multi-selection of Binders is possible. If you only ticked one User in one Binder, there will be a tristate "-" in the checkbox in front of the Binder.

If you tick the checkbox in front of a Binder, all Users inside will be ticked as well as any other User you will add to this Binder.


If a User/Resource is ticked in the Filter User/Resources column, it will automatically be ticked inside of the Binder(s) he/she belongs to and a yellow triangle indicates that this User/Resource is "Force Added Thru "Filter By Users/Resources". Those Users can't be un-ticked, unless you un-tick them in the Filter By Users/Resources column.

The Shared Monthly/Date Based Report and the Shared Day Plan Report printed by a Web User will hide Bookings not included in configuration of the Web Visibility window. However, the Web Users will still be able to find the Projects via the Object Browser and see the name of the Project and the Project details, including all Custom Fields.

Further settings: 


Toolbox > Projects tab > add the Web Visibility as a column through the drop down menu > Display to get an overview of the Filters applied on each Project.

  • If Allow Project Web Visibility is disabled: the cell is empty
  • Filtered Dates: if no dates are filtered, the value is “No Date Limit”; if some dates are filtered, they are shown between brackets.
  • Filtered Users/Resources: the value (F is used as an indication that some Objects are filtered, but it does not show specific Objects

Objects Tree - View Mode: Web Visibility

You can now see if a Booking has been "communicated" in the Objects Tree by going to the Object Tree > View Mode >  Web Visibility. Depending on the color that was set in Toolbox > Display > Web Visibility the Bookings will turn according to the Projects Web Visibility Settings as an indicator if a Booking has been communicated and is visible in the iOS and Web or not. 

A Hotkey can also be created for this action in Toolbox > Miscellaneous > Hotkeys Editor.


The Web Visibility can be shown with a Yes/No Data Field in the following reports: 

  • User Report > Events section > Web Visibility 
  • Object Report > Events section > Web Visibility 
  • Financial Report > Rows Section > Web Visibility 

Schedule Changes Emails

Schedule Changes Email will follow the rules of the Web Visibility and are connected. Thus if you don't give Web Visibility to a Project, no Schedule Changes Email will be sent out. 


If in the Filter By Users a User is ticked and thus communicated to send out a Schedule Changes Email but his Booking is removed, the Filter By User checkbox will be ticked, but not communicate any Schedule Changes Email. 


Web Visibility is checked. A Time Range is selected. Filter by User is ticked for Anne --> This will communicate only Bookings for Anne in the selected Time Range.

If you now delete Anne's Booking, the Filter By User checkbox will still be ticked, the Date Range is also present and the Web Visibility is ticked, but NO Schedule Changes Email will be send, because even if the WV is given, and a date, no User is selected but a Filter is ticked. 

Same applies if you ticked a User inside of a Binder and deleted the Bookings of that User.

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