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General Project Settings

Allow Duplicate Project Names: Select Yes to allow duplicate Project names.

Allow Duplicate Project Numbers: Select Yes to allow duplicate Project numbers. If set to No each Project must have a unique number.

Allow Editing Project Numbers (Default set to Yes): If changed to No, Users can no longer change a Project's Number once it's saved. They can, however, still edit the number on new Projects.

Allow Text Fields Edits When Closed: Select Yes to be able to edit the Project Note and the Booking Note fields even after the Status of a Project has been set to Active: No, i.e. the Project has been closed or invoiced.

Allow Custom Fields Edits When Closed: Select Yes to be able to edit Project and Booking Custom Fields even after the Status of a Project has been set to Active: No, i.e. the Project has been closed or invoiced.

Default Client Access (Legacy Web Client setting) 

Can Reactivate Invoiced Projects: Select Yes to allow that a Project can be set to Active Status again after being closed and invoiced. 

Maximum Name Length: Select from 20 to 90 characters to limit the length of Project names or select Unlimited so there will be no restrictions on the amount of characters. 

Project Name Rules 

Here some rules that can be configured for naming Projects.

  • Force All CAPS: Forces characters to be all capital letters in Project Names.
  • Force First Character To Be Alphabetical: If entering a character other than alphabetical a popup message will remind you that the first character must be alphabetical.
  • Allow Alphanumeric (Alphabetical And Numbers): Allows entering only numbers and alphabetic characters.
  • Allow Spaces: Disable it to avoid having spaces in Project Names.
  • Allow Underscore: Disable it to avoid having underscores in Project Names.
  • Allow Other Characters: Deselect this option to avoid having hyphens and other characters on the keyboard appearing in Project Names. This does not include any accent signs (stresses). 

Number Format Setup 
Allows to build a Project number format, by selecting farmerswife system fields and separate segments. Refer to the Project Number Builder manual for details. 

Expense Sheet Templates 
The Expense Sheet feature simplifies the procedure of adding Expenses by providing one table where Users fill in all their Expenses, and later on another User approves them and they finally get created in the Project. Refer to the farmerswife Expense Sheets manual for details.

Project Todo Types 
Booking/Time Reporting workflow for Dubbing Facilities. Using these Project To-dos allows to keep track of how many lines each actor should do on each episode, how many lines have been done and how many lines are booked. When a Booking happens, the number of lines also needs to be time-reported. Find more information in the Project To-dos manual.

Invoice/Close/ Remove Password
Define an optional password that will be requested when closing, removing and invoicing Projects.
For Invoice and Close you'll be only asked once for the password per session.
When Removing/Deleting Projects you are asked every time (as this action is irreversible it's an additional "security" measure)
No Permission Users Allowed Attach Project Password (FW Classic legacy setting)

Must Link To Existing Client
Select Yes if Projects must always be linked to a Client Contact.

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