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Hourline Views. How to create and share them

In the Hourline you can create, save and share views with other users. This can be very helpful to organise and structure your team.

The best and more visual way to organise your objects in the Hourline is to use Groupings. Groupings can expand and collapse to improve your overview, depending on the information that you wish to see.

To access the Hourline menu you need to click on the clock icon:

  1. In this top section you will find all the views that are shared (no matter who is the owner you or one of your colleagues).

  2. The second section will be where you can find the views that you have created only for yourself.

  3. Options. Here is where you can set up and save your views:

    • Save Selection (name): Save/ Update the current view.

      * You can see the information of who created the view and who has modified it last, also you can select if you want to share it.
    • Save Selection As: Choose a name for the current view.
    • Remove Saved Selection (name): It will delete the current view.
    • Sort Objects: Sorts the Groupings and Objects alphabetically.
    • Clear View: Removes all Objects from the view to start with an empty Display List.
    • Toggle Big/ Small: Will make the line height of all objects either small or big, depending on the setting in Toolbox > Settings > Hourline (Height For "Small"/"Big").
    • Use Hourline View from Another User: Click here to copy all views from another User even the ones that are not shared.
    • New Grouping: Here is where your add a new grouping. There is no limitation on the number of groupings you add. Enter a name and choose an icon for the Grouping.

    • New Grouping from Class/ Category: Create a grouping from the objects inside of a class or a category.

      * You can also drag and drop Objects to your view directly from the Toolbox
    • View Mode: We can choose if we want to see only what has been Booked, only what has been Used or both.

  4. Load From...: Use this option if we want to see all the Object from a Class, Category or group without using a view.

  5. Days Charts: Export to a CSV the Hourline information. You can choose what information do you want to export by creating a New Type and adding elements to it.
  6. Open WebCal Index: Here you can view events with a third-party calendar application such as iCal or Google Calendar.

  7. Create reports for your views:

  •     Day Plan: The select view schedule for the day.
  •     Month Schedule: The select view schedule for the month.

To be able to share views you need to be sure you have the right User Permissions.


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