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How to make a request

1. From the Desktop Client (Advanced Users)

  • 1 day request: Drag a booking on the Hourline on your own user, from pop up choose "Request" and the type that you want. Choose who do you want to approve your request and the hours you want it to last.

  • Week-Multi-day request: Display a week in the Hourline, drag up a booking over multiple weekdays on the person you want to request for and from pop up window choose Request and the type of Request.

  • Many-Weeks-multi-day request: From the Long Form mark the days in the Timeline (by clicking on the wheel on the top left corner you can select "Time Range" and it will give you the option to remove weekends and holidays). Select the user that you need on the personnel tree and drag it on to the marked days. A pop up window will appear from where you can choose Request and type of Request. And if you want to send to all or to an specific person to approve.

2. From Web Client (Web Users)
Open your web client click on to the plus symbol in the bottom of the page and select "Request" a pop up window will appear allowing you to select the type of request, dates, etc.

3. IOS and MWC
In the main events view, click the PLUS icon, choose REQUEST, fill in the data in the following dialogues (Request Name, Date, Time, etc.).

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