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Show/Hide User Requests Accept options

User Request Accept Options Show / Hide 

Since 6.2 it is possible to select what Accept options to show when accepting a User Request. 

When a User has made a request the person who is responsible for accepting the Request will see that there is a yellow Request Triangle on the User in the Personnel Tree. When clicking on the triangle these three options will be displayed: 

  • Accept And Book To Project 
  • Accept And Book To Personnel 
  • Accepted 

It is possible to select which of these options should be available with a setting in the Toolbox.
Go to: Settings (1) > Server Setup (2) > Requests (3).
This is a Server Setup setting so only one User who has the permission needs to change the setting and it will apply to all. In the below image all options are available.

The area with the options Pending, Declined and Accepted is in effect the status of the Request. If the option Accepted is selected one has to manually add the type of Booking at a later stage, either a Personnel or Project Booking. If Accept And Book To Project or Personnel is selected, the status area will be updated to state: Accepted / Booked To Personnel Management or Accepted / Booked To Project.

Example: Option to only show “Accept And Book To Personnel” In this example the setting selected is “Show “Accept And Book To Personnel” Menu Item”. When clicking on the yellow triangle this is the only option available. When the type of Personnel Booking as been selected the Status area is updated and shows “Accepted / Booked To Personnel Management. 


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