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Using Requests

A Web User or an Advanced User can send a Request for time off (Vacation, Sick, Free Day etc.) to a User who has the Permission to receive Requests. The User who can accept, will check the Personnel Numbers and then accept and book the Request as Vacation etc. or decline the request.

To access the User Permissions you need to go to the Object Manager and look for the Users (often called "Staff"). Click on the user you want to configure and a pop up window will appear with all the information:

  • For Advanced Users open the menu located on the right side of the "Permissions Profile", click on edit an a set up window will appear.  
    Make sure that the user is under the "Task/ Bookings/ Rates" Permission type on the menu on the top of the window.
    Scroll down until you find "Edit Personnel Management", "Receive Request", "Can Send Request" and tick all the three boxes.

  • For Web Users open the menu located on the right side of the "Permissions Profile", click on "Web Profile Manager" an in the set up window locate "Can Create Requests" and select YES.

The next step will be to open the "Settings" tab on the Toolbox, in the bottom menu scroll down and select "Miscellaneous". Look for the "Toolbox Menus" button and press it. Make sure that the “Requests” option is on the right side so we can access it on the Toolbox Menu.

Now look for "Personnel Tree" in the bottom menu and enable "Requests" to be able to see the triangle in the long form Personnel tree

Go to the new "Requests" Tab in the Toolbox, open the menu and select "Show only pending" 

How to add Requests types
Go to the "Settings" tab of the Toolbox, select "Booking Defaults" on the bottom menu and click on "Task/Request Setup". A new window will open, to create a new request type click on the green plus symbol and fill up the information.

Request Icon Colour
You can also select the colour of your Request Icon (the triangle) you can choose in between yellow (default), pink and blue. This can be very useful if you want to have your Requests organised and with a quick overview just know what they are about. E. g. You can select blue for holidays and vacations and pink for client meetinsg and company meetings.

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