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Web User Guide

Open your web browser and enter the address you have been given by your system administrator. You will be prompted to login.
After login in, you can change your password by click on the three dots in the upper left corner of the window.

When you initially log in, your view will default to showing your Bookings only.
Below is a diagram of general functions on the web client. Please note that all the functions might not be available depending on your individual permission profile:

View Selector
You can also change the schedule you are viewing by clicking on the View Selector Button.

Using favorites on the Web Client can be a big time saver. You can make the projects that you are working on, the rooms that you want to keep an eye on or even the views that you like on the hourline, your favorites by starring them.

Once you've marked your favourites, you can easily view them by clicking on the Star.

* Tip: You can always click the Home buttom to get back to your schedule.

Project Views
When you choose a Project on the View Selector, you can view the entire schedule for that Project by clicking on the calendar icon.

Or view the project details by clicking here:

To report the Actuals (real time used) on your bookings you need to time-report. Your bookings that haven't been time-reported will appear on the Time-Report menu.

* Tip: If you make a mistake on a time-report you can click on the "Recent" tab at the bottom left of your screen and make changes to recent time-reports.

* Tip: Time-Reports can also be accessed by opening the booking:

Ad-Hoc Time-Reporting
Ad-Hoc Time-Reporting is used to report time on Projects that were not scheduled but we worked on. E.g. A last minute change on a project that you were not supposed to work on today. There are different ways to create a Time-Report:
From the Hourline view click and drag through the hours you worked on this "unplanned" project and a pop up window will appear with the "Ad-hoc time-report" option. You can also click either on the "Ad-hoc time-report" button placed on the top left of the page or on the plus symbol on the bottom and fill up all the information required.

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