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How to set up Users on the Server

Click on the Users tab at the bottom of the Server window to access the Users configurations.

Categories / Types

farmerswife provides three Categories where Users can be added to later be able to easily filter them in the Client application. However we recommend to setup just one User Category since User's can't move around between Categories.

Each of the User categories can be renamed by clicking on the Rename button on the left of the Category’s name and enter the new name.
To add a new User click on the green plus icon to the right of the Category name. The "Add New User" window will appear, allowing to define the User profile details.
When starting with an empty database please create one User and set a Nickname and a Password.
All other relevant information can be added through the Object Manager Navigation tab in the Client application.
Login with the newly created User to the desktop application and keep on adding Users through the Object Manager.
Please refer to the Object Manager articles for further information.

The color bars next to the User's names indicate:

  • Green means the User is an Advanced User (Super User) with Tasks/Bookings/Rates permission.
  • Yellow means the User is an Advanced User (Super User) with Tasks/Bookings permission.
  • Red means the User is an Advanced User (Task User).
  • Blue means the User is a Web User.

If the entire tab is highlighted ‘red’ it means that the User is ‘inactive’. 

Setting a User to ‘inactive’ (swiping the Active button) in the ‘Modify User’ window will release a license.

LDAP Integration
Add LDAP information here to centralize the authentication process. For further information please refer to the LDAP Integration article.

Microsoft Active Directory® Connector
In Microsoft Active Directory Connector section the connection info to the AD server using the LDAP protocol can be configured.
For more information and configuration please refer to the MS Active Directory Connector Setup article.

Microsoft Exchange® Settings
By using this feature WIFE will post the schedule changes to the Exchange user's calendar.The updated Events are read-only in the user's Exchange calendar.
For more information see the Microsoft Exchange Integration article.

Export / Import Profiles
Allows to Export/Import saved User Permission Profiles. Useful for large facilities that use multiple servers so User Permission Profiles can be copied across from one to another server. Also used to create a backup of Permission Profiles.

Use Punch Clock
If set to YES Users will be able to report when they came in to work and when they left work. This may or may not cover the same time span as the Bookings on that day – depending on the facilities work flow.
If the Punch Clock isused, the User is considered to have worked between the times input through the Punch Clock.
If a User did not come into work on a day, the “Skip” button can be pressed.
This removes the warning “No In/Out Time Reported Yet” and sets the number of worked hours to zero.
To be able to Punch Clock the according Toolbox Tab needs to be added to the User's Toolbox.
For more information and configuration please refer to the Punch Clock article.

Make Users Appear As Client Contacts
If set to Yes, all Users in farmerswife will appear as Type Client in the Contact Database. If set to No all Users appear as Global Contacts and their details can only be altered through the Object Manager.

Modify User / Add New User 
Create at least one User in the Server setup to be able to access the desktop client and continue from there with the Object and User setup of the database.
Click on the green plus icon and the New/Modify User window will open.
Enter at least a Username and Password for the new User. Complete the rest of the details later from the Object Manager.

  • OK: Press OK to submit the User’s information
  • Cancel: Press Cancel to Cancel any changes made to a User’s details.

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