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Microsoft Exchange Integration

Update user's events with MS Exchange 2010 user account's calendar 
By using this feature, farmerswife will post the schedule changes to the Exchange user's calendar.
The updated Events are read-only in the user's Exchange calendar.
Users as well as Resources can be configured to use this feature – resources do not need to have a web license enabled.
Note: this functionality has been re-implemented from scratch in version 4.11. 

IMPORTANT Prerequisites: 
This feature is separately licensed. In order to eligible for the free-of-charge "Exchange" addition to your license, you first need to confirm that your MS Exchange system is properly configured within its “Organizational Unit”.
MS Exchange IT knowledge on your side is pre-requisite.
Once the information within this document has been verified on your end, please confirm and request the "MS Exchange" option to be enabled from 

MS Exchange global user to authenticate 
To write the user's calendars now "impersonating" in the EWS API is used; we call this "admin user" support.
This is designed to work with MS Exchange 2010 (version 2007 might also work but it's not actively supported! e.g. a known limitation is no support for "viking characters" like å, ä etc.; also getting "impersonation" is harder to implement in MS Exchange 2007). 

Configuring Exchange Impersonation for the new "admin user": 
(based on:
Implement => "To configure Exchange Impersonation for specific users or groups of users" point 3.: 

  • New-ManagementRoleAssignment -Name:impersonationAssignmentName 
  • Role:ApplicationImpersonation -User:serviceAccount farmerswife 

Server side configurations: 
In Server > Setup > Users tab > Microsoft Exchange® Settings: 

  • Enabled: Yes 
  • Web Services Port: 443 
  • Services URL: https://IP Of Machine Hosting MS Exchange/EWS/exchange.asmx 
  • Primary Smtp Email To Authenticate With: Administrator@yourdomain.local (the new admin user with enabled "Impersonation") 
  • Password: This user's password 

Client side configurations: 
Web Permissions: To grant access Users/Resources need to get assigned a Web Profile that has "Microsoft Exchange Calendar Sync" and "Schedule Change Email Sendout" enabled.

Toolbox Settings: 
In Toolbox > Server Setup (only for Advanced Users with Object Manager/ Server Setup permissions) > Web Share Settings > External Calendars / Schedule Changes Email Sendout/XML Export:

  • Update Time
  • and the button Update Now. Use this button after setting the previously mentioned settings.
  • Days Before: 0 or 7 . To choose how many days should be synced into Exchange
  • Days After: 7, 14, 30, 60, 90, 180

Note: In MS Exchange older Events will not be updated anymore, but remain in the state of the last sync.

Try it out first on a small group of users.

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