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Why can't I see the time report (timereport) clocks on my bookings in the hourline?

Firstly make sure you are looking at bookings from today or before, as the time report icon does not show on bookings into the future! (if you want to time report on future bookings, you can do this by opening the booking and clicking the time report button, bottom right of the window.) 

If you still can't see the clocks, go to your Toolbox > Settings tab > filter to Hourline > tick 'Timereports'. This will show the clock icon on all past and present bookings. 

If however you are looking at an Object and you still can't see the clock, try adding a User to the booking and see if the clock appears on the booking on their line. If so (and you do want to see the clock on Objects as well as Users) then you need to go to: Toolbox > Settings tab > filter to Server Setup > UN-tick 'Timereport Completed On Users Time'.

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