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Upgrade the farmerswife Desktop Client app from 6.3 to 6.4 on Mac and Windows

From version 6.3 to 6.4 the built-in farmerswife (fw) Client auto-upgrade process IS DIFFERENT!!! 
The normal "simple in-application auto-upgrade" is NOT supported on the initial upgrade from a lower version.
In order to upgrade, the fw Client applications need to be either ONCE manually upgraded by using at least the installers for 6.4 Beta 8 rev. 17068 or later.
Or each user can use the built-in FULL-installer-download auto-upgrade functionality (if allowed = requires Operting System read write and execute permissions), which will be triggered upon first log-in to the already upgraded fw Server application. This means, upon login with the fw Client Desktop app, the user has to choose a location where the installer file will be stored on the local machine ... to then automatically continue with the manual upgrade process. 
NOTE: The simple auto-fwClient upgrade will work again for any farmerswife Client which was once manually upgraded past 6.4 Beta 8 rev. 17068. 

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