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Invoice settings

Choose Accounting Script 
If a financial integration has been developed for your farmerswife, here is where you choose the script that has been previously saved in your farmerswife Server\contents\lib\scripts\invoice_module. 

Use Transfer Counter 
This is an internal counter that is increased every time the "Accounting Script" is executed. 

Due Date 
Click on the green plus icon to add a new Due Date in day format; e.g. 90. When an invoice is created the due date is automatically calculated. Click on the drop-down menu icon to add a new Due Date with the format Current Month + "x amount of" Days, so the due date in the invoice is calculated adding x amount of days to the following month; e.g. if invoice is created on 2015-03-13 with Due Date set to Current Month + 10 Days, the Due Date will be 2015-04-10 Click on the D next to a Due Date line to set it as default. This can be overridden at Company Client level. To sort the list manually drag and drop the lines up or down. But note that the following ones cannot be modified or deleted: Due Upon Receipt, Net Cash, C.O.D., Payment In Advance. To remove a Due Date, click on it and drag to the side and onto the appearing wastebasket. 

Invoice Manager Password 
This option allows defining a password which will be required whenever a User tries to remove or modify an invoice in the Invoice Manager. When any of these two operations are performed and the User enters the correct password, there is the option to remember it for the rest of the session. 

Show Option In Invoice Manager 
Linked to Invoice Manager Password setting. If set to Yes, the password can be changed by any Advanced User with access to the Invoice Manager by clicking on the drop-down menu in the Results area of the Invoice Manager, and selecting Settings > Modify Password. Use Report For Invoices Choose among these three options to design the layout of your invoice print-out: 

  • Invoice Report: When selecting this option, only the Invoice Print Designer will be available to design and print out farmerswife Server Setup Manual Financial Setup 49 Invoices. 
  • Financial Report: When selected, only the Financial Report Print Designer will be available to design and print out Invoices. The Grouping capabilities of the Financial Reports Print Designer makes it useful for Invoicing if e.g. the Invoice details should be grouped by Price Agreement. For more details refer to the Financial Reports manual. 
  • Both Invoice & Financial Report: Select this option to get both Print Designers available to design and print out Invoices. 

Invoice Checkbox On Projects And Media Orders 
The Invoice checkbox at the bottom of the Edit Project window and the Edit Media Order window is automatically ticket when a Project / Media Order is invoiced. If this option is set to No, this checkbox is grayed out, so the Users cannot manually modify it (recommended). If it is set to Yes, the checkbox is open for modifications. Recommended when invoices are not generated in farmers wife, so you can manually tick a Project as Invoiced. 

Run “Accounting Script” 
In Invoice Creator This setting works in combination with Choose Accounting Script (see further up). If the workflow for transferring invoices to your financial system has been defined for the script to be executed from the Invoice Manager, then set this option to No so the script will no longer be available in the Invoice Creator. 

Allow Editing Invoice "Transferred" Field 
If enabled Users can tick the Transferred Field next to the Invoice in the Invoice Manager. This setting should be ticked off if the Customer is using an export script to a financial system so it doesn't allow them to manually tick it.

Allow Editing Invoice "Sent" 
Field If an accounting script has been developed for your farmerswife, this setting should be set to No. The Sent Field next to each Invoice in the Invoice Manager, will be automatically ticked when Invoices are transferred to your financial system by using this script, and Users will not be able to manually tick it. 

Allow Remove In Invoice Manager 
If set to No, this setting hides the option to remove/delete Invoices or Credit Notes in the Invoice Manager. 

Allow Copy In Invoice Manager 
If set to No, this setting hides the option to copy Invoices or Credit Notes in the Invoice Manager. 

Disable “Make Credit Note” Before Transferring 
If set to Yes, it will not be possible to make Credit Notes from Invoices in the Invoice Manager, before running the accounting script to transfer the marked Invoices to your financial system. In this workflow, only after an Invoice has been transferred it is possible to create a Credit Note for it. 

Lock Invoice After Transfer 
If an accounting script has been developed for your farmerswife, this setting should be set to Yes, so once an Invoice has been transferred to your financial system it can no longer be modified. 

Read Only Credit Note 
If set to Yes, no modifications in Credit Notes are allowed. 

“Make Credit Note” Automatically 
Creates A New Invoice If set to Yes, when making a Credit Note from an Invoice, both the Credit Note and a new Invoice will be created and added to the Invoice Creator. 

Allow Only 1 Credit Note Per Invoice 
If set to No, it is possible to create more than one Credit Note per Invoice. 

Disable Un-Referenced Invoices/Credit Notes 
If set to No, it is possible to create Unreferenced Invoices (e.g. not linked to a Project/Media Order) and Unreferenced Credit Notes (e.g. not linked to an existing Invoice). Otherwise Invoices and Credit Notes can only be created from a Source (Project/Media Order, or Invoice). 

Can Set Manual Invoice Number On Un-Ref. Credit Notes 
When creating an Unreferenced Credit Note, the Invoice Number field (where the number of the original Invoice is displayed) says: Un-Referenced and is not editable. To be able to edit this number, set this option to Yes. 

Disable Partial Invoices 
If set to Yes it is not possible to create Part Invoices. 

All Invoice Lines Must Have A Ref. 
If enabled, this setting forces that all lines in an Invoice must have a Reference Number. If when creating a new Invoice there is one or more lines, e.g. an Object without a reference, a dialog for each line without a reference will pop-up requiring it to be entered, before the invoice can be created. 

Inherit Ref From Object Class 
When using "Inherit Rate From Object Class", the Object will inherit the Rate and Activities from whatever Object Class it is booked as. However, the Reference is still taken from the Object if it is not booked on any Activity. This setting is by default set to No for backward compatibly. Turn it on to allow the Object to take the Reference from the Object Class even if booked without any Activity.

Prefer Buy Rate From Object 
Typically the cost of an Object (the Buy Rate) is always the same, while the Sell Rate can vary depending on which Object Class or Activity it is booked, which Rate Card is being used, etc. When the setting "Inherit Rate From Object Class" is used it would inherit both the Buy and Sell Rates from the booked Object Class. Now this behavior can be changed by toggling this setting to Yes. This way the Object will keep its own Buy Rate but take the Sell Rate from the Object Class or Activity it is booked on. 

Use Client Blocked Flags For Scripts 
By default this setting is disabled. Only enable it if you have been instructed so by farmerswife support and you are using Client blocking integration. 

Mandatory Client Fields On Invoice, Part Invoice and Prepayment Creation 
Check mark any of the following boxes: Company Id, Client Number, Tax, Tax Number, Vat Code to make those Contact Fields mandatory to be filled in before an Invoice can be created. If any of the selected fields are empty in an Invoice, a warning message will popup.

Invoice Customs 
Additional fields can be created at Invoice level. Please refer to the Custom Fields chapter for more details.
Custom Fields from Projects can be added to the Invoice as well. Create exactly the same fields at Invoice level, and from the drop-down menu select Sync With Project Customs so the matching values from the Project Custom Fields will be imported into the Invoice Custom Fields. Upon creating an Invoice, matching Custom Fields will populate the information entered at Project level. 

Set Invoice As Sent When Creating 
When set to Yes, as soon as an Invoice is moved from the Invoice Creator to the Invoice Manager, the Sent checkbox is ticked. 

Assign Invoice Number When Creating 
By default this setting is enabled. When it is disabled, the Invoice Number will only be allocated at the time the Invoice is moved to the Invoice Manager. This used in combination with Pro Forma Numbers (see further down), where the invoices in Invoice Creator are treated as Pro Forma, and when moved to the Invoice Manager are treated as the legal Invoice. 

Invoice Number Read Only 
If set to Yes, it will force disable any tampering with the Invoice Numbers. 

Allow Invoice Re-Numbering (Ripple) 
Set to No, to disable the option to have invoices in Invoice Creator be automatically re-numbered when one of the Invoices is deleted. 

Divisions Share Invoicing Number Series 

This feature allows to have all Invoices use the same numbering series, instead of one series per Division (licensed module). See more details in the Divisions manual. 

Use Pro Forma Numbers 
If set to Yes then a unique incrementing Pro Forma Number is assigned every time a new Invoice or Credit Note is created; this number is READ ONLY. This number appears in the bottom left corner next to the creation details and the Number element in the Invoice Print Designer populates this Pro Forma Number. This option is used in combination with Assign Invoice Number When Creating (see further up), where the invoices in Invoice Creator are treated as Pro Forma, and when moved to the Invoice Manager are treated as the legal Invoice. 

Email To BCC When Sending Client Invoices 
Enter an Email address here to receive a BCC of all sent Invoices to Client. For this setting to work the PDF Printer has to be setup in the Server Setup > General tab. For more details refer to the PDF Print Support for Invoice Email and User Report manual. 

Send Invoice Emails To 
This option works in combination with the one above. There are three options to choose from: 

  1. Invoice And Contact Email: (Default) Will send Invoice emails to both defined email addresses as listed below. 
  2. Invoice Email Only: Will send Invoices only to the Invoice Email address defined in Contact window > Client Details > Invoice Email.
  3. Contact Email Only: Will send Invoices only to the Contact Email address defined in Contact window > Contact Details > Email. 

Invoice Payments 
Activate this module to be able to track part payments. Refer to the Invoice manual for more details. Click on Payment Custom Fields to setup extra fields. For more info about the different Custom Field Widgets, please refer to the Custom Fields section.

Invoice And Credit Note Template Override For Users 
This setting is to override the User Permission "Modify Other User Templates" so a User who is not allowed to modify other Users print templates, can modify an Invoice/Credit Note print template that was not created by him.

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