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Financial report settings

Take ‘Invoiced’ Number From 
Related to the Financial Reports configuration to define which numbers should be considered as 'Invoiced'.
By default this option is set to ‘Invoices / Credit Notes’, i.e. invoiced numbers will come from the Invoice Module. Companies which do not use the Invoice Module will have all invoice numbers to 0 if the default option ‘Invoices / Credit Notes’ is kept, because no numbers can be found in the Invoice Module. Therefore, another option should be selected. If e.g. ‘To Invoice / Used / Booked’ is selected, the Financial Reports Module will use Booked numbers as the Invoiced numbers as long as there is no time-report yet, otherwise the Invoiced numbers will equal the Used or the To Invoice (*) numbers. For more details on how Financial Reports work, please refer to the Financial Reports manual.
(*) The ‘To Invoice’ Time Report mode is set in the Server Setup > Bookings > Allow Forced Invoice Time In Time Report. It allows showing a difference between what has been used and what is to be invoiced. If this option is not used (set to No) then the Invoice Creator takes numbers from the ‘Used’ column in the Time Report.

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