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HTML Reports Introduction

HTML Reports are found throughout farmerswife and can be completely customized to suit your needs inadapting your companies corporate identification. Generate ‘HTML Reports’ for bookings, time reports,projects and contacts. This chapter will show how to create own or modify existing default templates.The templates used for ‘HTML Reports’ in farmerswife are typically stored in the following directory:In Windows> Local Server installation hard drive ..\ Program Files \ farmerswife Server \ html_templates\exports\

Available ‘HTML Reports’ templates in farmerswife:

On Mac > go to the Server machine > right mouse click on the farmerswife Server icon > Show PackageContents > html templates.

In each of the sub-folders are located templates for different purposes. All these were built using HTML andJavaScript, so the possible modifications should be made by someone who has sufficient knowledge aboutthese issues.

Some of these sub folders you will find a ‘readme.txt’ file, containing a list of variables used to pass thevalues to the template.

To use modified templates we recommend that you first make a copy of the template using a differentname and then edit the code to modify the look as you wish.

After a restart of the farmerswife Server application (the Server has to register the new templates first),you can select the new template which should be used to show the proper information using the Client application.

Make sure to perform a backup of the ‘HTML_templates’ folder before making any changes (e.g. reinstalling the Server application, ServicePack updates etc.) because the templates may be overwritten.

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