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Automatically print and email PDF Invoice Attachment

  1. Pre-requisites
  2. Setup PDF printer (see “PDF_Print_Setup_Server_Side”)
  3. Enable and setup email functionality in Server Setup > General. See document “Email and Notification Types” in Knowledgebase > How to’s  > Sync, Exchange and Notifications.
  4. Setup Invoice Mail out Defaults in Server Setup > Financial
    1. “Set Invoices As Sent When Creating”: No
    2. “Email to BCC When Sending Client Invoice”: e.g. your accounting department
    3. “Send Invoice Emails To”: Define to which Client Contact the Invoice Email should be sent. This setting can be modified at Contact Client level in the Edit Client Window in the Wife Client Application, see below. 
      • Contact Email Only: Will only send email the Contact Person on the Client Window; this is also the Contact person on the Project window. 
      • Invoice Email Only: Will only send to the email addresses added to the field “Invoice email” in the Edit Client window. 
      • Invoice and Contact Email: Will send to both the Contact Person and the additional email addresses added to the Invoice Email field. 

  • Email Template: Write/Modify the standard text that will be sent with the PDF in the email:
    1. Go to the server installation folder (Mac: Show Package Contents), browse to: html_templates/other/client_invoice_email and client_credit_note_email
    2. Modify the ‘txt’ file as per your requirements. If you want to be able to have two versions in different languages, save two ‘txt’ files in the corresponding folder.


  • Client Contact (Toolbox > Contacts): 
    1. The Invoice will be sent according to the setting on the Server Set up. 
      • Contact person's main “Email” address (1)
      • “Invoice Email” (2)
      • Both 1 and 2. 
    2. To send to Contact Person make sure email address is added in Modify Contact window. 
    3. To send to other than Contact Person add email addresses in the “Invoice Email” field in the details page Edit Client window of the Contact. To add more than one email address, separate with a comma “,”.
    4. To change the Server Set up setting for a particular Contact click on “Force ‘Send Invoice Emails To’” and select to which email address the invoice should be sent. 
    5. Set a default ‘Print Template’ that will be used to print the PDF invoice to.
    6. Choose the ‘Invoice and Credit Note (CN) Email Template’ text file.


  1. Print and email an Invoice
  2. Go to the Invoice Manager and select one or multiple Invoices.
  3. Right mouse click or go to menu and choose: Mail And Mark As Sent
  4. A confirmation pop up will appear on successful sent out, showing the results.


The email will be marked as ‘Sent’.

Below an example of the email sent to the client and BCC email.


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