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Invoice Reports and Invoice Summary

From the Invoice Creator it is possible to create and store as many invoice templates as you need. Once created, the invoice template can be linked to a specific client, so that each time you print an invoice for that specific client, the proper invoice and layout is selected. Often different clients have different invoicing needs: one may only need a short description and a total, while another may require a detailed invoice with each line item displayed, as pictured below. The Print Designer in the Invoice Creator allows you to meet both requirements and more.

The Financial Report Designer can also be used for more complex Print Designer templates.

Invoice Summaries

The Invoice Manager contains sent invoices and allows you to track due dates, payments, and view totals. By combining search criteria, you can generate results based on status and date and client, for example. These results can then be used to create an Invoice Summary displaying the total of paid invoices, as pictured below. The variables available also make it possible to generate reports displaying whether or not the project has tax associated with it, the sub-total of each invoice, the totals with tax, creation date, client name and grand total of all sent invoices.

The Options menu bottom left corner in the preview area, allows you to sort the invoices in a diff way e.g. by Due Date (Default) or "Name", "Number" or "Client". You can safe the sorting preferences with the "template" under diff. names or change the template on the go.

Note that the Total Column in the Invoice Manager displays the Invoice Total in the Server Primary Currency, regardless of the Currency selected in the Invoice. This is so the Total field at the bottom right of the Invoice Manager can calculate the Total of all Invoices displayed as a result of a search in the Primary Currency.

Exporting the invoice data to a third party application (customization required) or to a .csv file for import into your accounting system (see Open As Spreadsheet Feature Documentation), can be done by selecting the invoices for export and right clicking to run the export script. For Financial Reports on invoices please refer to the separate 'Financial Reports manual' found at our Knowledge Base.

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