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How can I reset my invoice numbers /renumber my invoices on new year start?

Depending whether you are allowed to manually change invoice numbers or not (Server Setup > Financial > Invoice Number Read Only = YES/NO) you've two options:

1) (if Server Setup > Financial > Invoice Number Read Only = NO)
When creating the first invoice in the new year, just type the new first invoice number, e.g. for 2015 type: 2015001 or 20151. fw will start counting from that number to either 2015002... or 20152...

2) (if Server Setup > Financial > Invoice Number Read Only = YES)
Go into farmerswife Server > Setup > General > Divisions (all Users must be disconnected to enter Server Setup).
Click on "Division" and then on "Reset Invoice Numbers".
Change in both "Invoice Number" and "Credit Note" fields the existing number from e.g. "2014001" to "2015001"; then Yes on the following pop-up window.
Repeat the above steps on other Divisions (if applicable).

If you intend to start with invoice number 1 again this year and you've started with 1 in the previous year, in that case you have to use the Fiscal Year (otherwise it would result in double invoice numbers). Please see the separate how to on using Fiscal Year and contact support for further assistance if you've questions.

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