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1.1. iOS APP

User: Enter the User Name and Password here. 

Server: Enter the URL to Server and the Port. 

Uses LDAP: Necessary when using LDAP (separately licensed, contact sales for more information).

Dispatch Module

Start as Kiosk
: Enable this setting if a "kiosk" style workflow for a check in/out station on a iOS mobile device (iPad recommend) via Barcode or Object Browser is needed. For further information how to use the iOS device with that setting enabled, please contact our support team. 

Check For Kiosk Logins: This option is used if a “kiosk” style workflow with a check in/out station on an iOS mobile device (iPad recommended) via Barcode or Object Browser is required. This setting enables a mode on the iOS app where it asks the farmerswife server every two seconds for kiosk logins to update the views on the device. 

Example: User comes down to the kit room, ask kit room staff member Chris to check out a lamp for him. Chris barcode scans the lamp and asks the User to enter his User ID or swipe his ID batch. On Chris’ iPhone a pop up appears asking whether this ID is the User’s employee number who wants to check out the lamp. Chris approves. Check Out is done and User can take the lamp with him. 

Uses External Keyboard: Set to “Yes” if a barcode scanner is attached to it. Use if you have an external keyboard attached for the User to login with their User employee number. Makes the app listen out for keyboard events at the User login pages for supporting RFDI systems. 

Turn on Show Thumbnails at the bottom part of the setup window on the farmerswife setup page in the iOS to see thumbnail images in the iOS app when selecting/ scanning the Object.

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