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What is Equipment Management Tracking and how to configure it?

The Equipment Management and Tracking Option (EMT) is an extra licensed module that can be purchased additionally to the farmerswife software.

It is accessible on the Desktop WIFE Client (v5.1 or later) and via the iOS device (v5.0.31 or later iOS6 or later). EMT allows checking in and out Objects in farmerswife through the Dispatch Module or iOS in various ways, allows tracking of equipment location, Status (In, Out, On Maintenance) and "movement". It also gives support for consumables (Virtual Objects).


Access the Dispatch module and check in and out equipment via 

  1. The keyboard on a computer 
  2. A barcode reader connected to the desktop version of farmerswife 
  3. The iOS’ camera or 
  4. An iOS device connected to the iPhone or iPad (v5.0.31 or later iOS6 or later) that can be separately purchased: 

Configuration of Email and PDF Printer 
Please enable Allow Mail and the PDF Printer Settings in the Server Setup > General tab. Please refer to the following documentation in our Knowledgebase: Email_and_notification_types and PDF_Print_Server_Side_Setup. 

Barcode Reader settings 
This information is taken from our How To: Barcodes and Labels and helps setting up the barcode scanner for the farmerswife client application. 

Download Free Barcode Font 
First download the free 3of9 barcode font by copying the link below into your web browser: 
At the bottom of the window click on ‘Download Free 3 of 9’ and save the zip file on your desktop.
From the author Matthew Welch: ‘3 of 9 (sometimes called "code 39") [is] a widely used barcode standard that includes capital letters, numbers, and several symbols. […] Most kinds of barcode scanners will recognize 3 of 9 just fine. […]Two versions of 3 of 9 are included. The font called "Free 3 of 9" is the basic 3 of 9 standard. It includes letters and these symbols: $ % + - . and /. The font called "Free 3 of 9 Extended" covers the extended 3 of 9 standard. It includes all the ASCII characters.’
If you are running Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard) you will need to install the extended version 3 of 9 standard.

Install Free Barcode Font 

To use Barcodes in farmerswife please follow the steps below on every computer with a farmerswife Client installation that has a barcode reader connected or which will be used as a farmerswife Equipment Management Tracking Manual Prerequisites and configuration 4 label generator.
On Windows: On Windows, unpack the zip folder onto your desktop then copy and paste the files into the ‘ Font’ folder which is usually accessible from the Start Menu -> Settings -> Control Panel-> Fonts.
On Mac: OS X Unpack the zip file onto your desktop. Then go to the Finder-> Services-> Font Book. In the Font Book click on the plus sign at the bottom of the ‘Font’ column. Select the fonts from the ‘3 of 9’ folder you previously downloaded and unzipped to your desktop. 

To select the installed barcode font click on the selector bar below ‘Barcode Font:’ and select the ‘Free 3 of 9’ font from the drop down list. Click ‘OK’ to finish the operation. You’ve successfully installed the barcode font. 

Barcode Reader/Scanner 

By default, most barcode readers enter automatically a CR ("Carriage Return") suffix after each correct read. Therefore when looking for a barcode scanner it's important that the reader can be set to NOT send the CR after each swipe, since farmerswife just expects numbers/characters. You have to confirm the input by manually pressing intro or return. At our farmerswife test installation we use the Metrologic MS9520 Voyager KB wedge; this is just one of many barcode scanners. It works for us, and many of our customers.
Other Barcode Readers in use by our customer base:
CCD-800 Barcode-Scanner USB, ASIN: B001BH955C
Metrologic MK 9520 Voyager Barcode Scanner
USB Handscanner MK-1000 Barcode-Scanner, model number: MK-1000, ASIN: B00346EF8A 

Barcode Reader Check Up 

After the installation of the barcode font please follow the steps below to test the connection of the barcode reader and that the font is properly installed in your system. First check that a barcode reader is correctly connected to the machine you want to work with. Check also that you have the correct drivers (if any) and that it lights up for operation.
To perform the test please print this page first, then open a blank text file (Wordpad, MS word, notepad, text editor) and test if you are able to read the following barcodes. Scan the codes and check if the numbers that appear in the text file match the numbers displayed next to the barcode. 

If you are not able to read the codes this please check the configuration manual of your barcode reader, and check thoroughly that it was properly set up and the use of the CR suffix disabled. Check also with the manufacturer of the barcode reader if there is no seemingly known reason for non-operation of the hardware. After you’ve disabled the use of the CR suffix of the barcode reader please test that the barcode reader is setup correctly.
Perform the test above again and after a few scans, you should see a continuous string of characters, e.g. 1351234554321974324 If the test went successful, open a farmerswife and make sure that you are able to enter a code successfully, as described above. Simply click in a field in farmerswife where you want the result of the barcode to show and then swipe the

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