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Long Form Overview

The Long Form provides a scheduling tool for managing Projects and Bookings over extended and selectedtime periods. It consists of four trees: Projects, Objects, Personnel and Classes tree. The Projects Tree gives an overview from a Project point of view, whereas the other Trees gives an overview from the Objects point of view; people, equipment etc.

Click on Long Form in the top navigation bar to display the Long Form. The top part of the view shows the Long Form and the bottom part the Hourline. Clicking on the small arrow next to the Hourline Clock Icon will hide / show the Hourline.

The Projects Tree is used for managing and providing an overview of Projects, Project Bookings and Objects booked related to the selected Project. A Project can be viewed in its entirety in a Gantt style chart. In the image above two Projects are displayed; "I Love Music" and "Silent Night". The first one, "Silent Night", is collapsed and only shows the Project length. The second one, "I Love Music", is expanded one level to show the Project Bookings.

The Objects Tree shows Bookings and Tasks of specific Objects over the selected time period. All ObjectTypes that can be booked can be added to the Object Tree, from People (Users and Resources) to Rooms,Equipment etc. In the Image two Objects are displayed; "ProTools 1" and "Avid 2". The image shows that within the selected time period ProTools is Booked on Project "I Love Music" 7 and 9 July, on "Silent Night"8 ,9 and 10 July and on "Car of the Year" 13 July. The Avid 2 is booked on "News Planning" 7 July, on "I LoveMusic" 9 July and on "Return to the Moon" 13 July. It is also possible to generate Object Reports from theObject Tree. All types of Bookings can be displayed here, also Personnel Bookings if the setting has been activated in the Toolbox > Settings > Object Tree.

The Personnel Tree can only show Users. All types of Bookings per User are displayed here; Project Bookings, Tasks, Personnel Bookings (e.g. Vacation and Sick). For the Personnel Bookings it is possible to get a quick calculation of number of Personnel type days such as sick days, vacation etc. It is also possible to create and assign Shifts. User Reports can be generated from the Project Tree, e.g. number of worked hours and rates, number of vacation days etc.

The Classes Tree shows Object Classes and the availability or usage of Objects that belong to specific Object Classes.

For each Long Form Tree specific settings can be made to determine the behaviour, for example to show the Project name on the Booking in the Objects tree or to show Time Report status on the Bookings in theProject Tree. These settings are done in the Toolbox. Please refer to the Toolbox manual for details on the settings for the Long Form Trees.

Navigating the Long Form

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