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Invoicing future bookings

Generally you cannot Part Invoice Bookings that are not time reported or in the future.
But sometimes we might need to invoice some bookings before they have actually happened. So here's a workaround:

As an example on how can we set up this workflow we are going to use the project below and we are going to invoice the two VFX multi-day bookings:

1. Close the Project, by turning off the "Active" button in Edit Project Window:

2. Go to the Invoice Creator and find the closed project there. Right mouse click on the selected project and choose "Create Invoices (Selection:1)". Say yes to all the pop - ups and the invoice will be created in the bottom window.

3. Once the invoice has been created we can see all the lines that can be invoiced.
Remove the ones that we don't want to invoice (in this case we will remove all except Flame and Martin).

4. Close the invoice and move it to the Invoice Manager. Now those lines have been invoiced.

5. Now go back to the project search and find your project. Reactivate it by turning on the "Active" button and then we say yes to all the pop ups.

Take Off the "Invoiced" checkbox at the bottom of the window.

We will see then that our invoiced bookings are now grey while the non invoiced are in red.

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