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Web View Limits to temporarily hide Bookings from the Web Users

This feature was developed to allow schedulers to book a Project with internal and external resources without showing up in the Web Client, Mobile Web Client and iOS for those Web Users or freelancers with a Web User license until they have finished the whole planning. 

The Bookings of Projects that have a Web View Limit set won't be shown in the Web Client, Mobile Web Client or iOS app, nor will any Booking trigger any Notification to the involved Users/ Resources, and the Shared Monthly/Date Based Report and the Shared Day Plan Report printed by a Web User will hide Bookings not included in that configuration.

However, the Web Users will still be able to find the Projects via Object Browser and see the name of the Project and the Project details, including all custom fields.

The default configuration of the Web View Limits on each Projects is set to "Allow Web Viewing". 

To set Web View Limits, access the configuration window either via the Eye menu in the Edit Project window, or the Project menu by clicking on the Project icon in the Projects tree.

There are a set of options that can be combined to get different results: e.g. allow web viewing of Bookings on certain dates, or only allow certain Web Users to view these Bookings, or only allow seeing certain Object involved in those Bookings.

Settings in the Web View Limits window:

- Allow Web Viewing: Enabled by default – initially, all Projects and its Bookings are viewable for Web Users. Tick it off if Web Users should not see the Bookings within this Project nor receive any Notification yet. Enable it and use it in combination with the below options to get different visualisation results.

- In Date and Out Date: If no dates are selected, Bookings on any dates are viewable. Use the calendar icon to set a specific date range to allow viewing.

- Filter By Web User: When enabled, a list of the involved Users is shown and they can be selected to allow them to see the Bookings within this Project. Disable it to allow all.

- Filter Objects: When enabled, a list of all involved Objects is shown and they can be selected to be displayed in the Bookings that can be visualised. Disable this option so all Objects are viewable.

Show the “Web View Limits” column in Toolbox > Projects, to get an overview of the filters applied on each Project.

- If Allow Web Viewing is disabled: the cell is empty

- Filtered Dates: if no dates are filtered, the value is “No Date Limit”; if some dates are filtered, they are shown between brackets.

- Filtered Web Users: when some Web Users are filtered, their names show between parenthesis

- Filtered Objects: the value (F) is used as an indication that some Objects are filtered, but it does not show specific Objects


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